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    Have you ever wondered if those chemicals you clean with might actually be poisoning you? Many people are becoming aware of toxic chemicals, and desire a more safe method of getting their homes clean. Did you know that there’s no federal regulation of chemicals in household products? No testing n ...

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    ESSENTIAL OILS are all the rage these days - the talk of Mom's Clubs, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists - anyone who is interested in a more organic, toxin free lifestyle will wander across these 'natural wonders' in their personal research! So - what exactly IS an ESSENTIAL OIL? What do they DO? W ...

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    If you have ever walked into your front door after a day away and were almost knocked out by "THAT SMELL", then this is the read for you! I love a fresh, non-toxic home, so I really dislike using toxic room sprays, and unsafe chemicals to kill odors! After some research, experimenting, blending and ...

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    When the hot summer months arrive in the Valley of the Sun, all Phoenicians focus on keeping cool! Among the top five ways to 'CHILL OUT', camping in the North Country is a family favorite! Before you pack up the sleeping bags, the barbeque, and the kids into the RV and head off to the pines, you mi ...

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