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  • star-shape-decorations-on-christmas-tree-2

    Holiday planning in SEPTEMBER? Yep. It's time! Get a jump on the season and take the stress factor down a notch. There will be details to polish up later, but let's get going on the majors now. You can plan your calendar: activities, appointments, decorating, etc. These are the big things. What I l ...

  • autumn-tree-in-field

    Although the temperature is still hitting the triple digits here in Phoenix, September spells FALL on most minds! With the change of seasons comes the change in home decor, therefore, it's time for fall decorating! The colors and the textures in nature are nothing short of inspirational, so let's l ...

  • Back to School Header

    You survived the summer! Whether you are overjoyed to get in a routine again, or holding back the tears after watching little Suzy get on the bus, it's time for you to do some back-to-school re-organizing in your home. Here are Miss MOXIE's top 3 tips to get you started! Tip 1 - Sort through the ...

  • University Header

    In three weeks my ( teenage! ) daughter starts out on her first real-life journey away from home, so we are on a Countdown to College! I'm focusing on spending this emotionally charged time with her, tying up the loose ends, and hopefully sending her off with excitement and joy for both of us! We ar ...

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