We know we’re awesome. You can trust us. However, it still helps to hear it from happy customers, doesn’t it? We don’t blame you for wanting to check our references – in fact we encourage it! We still have clients who have been with us since our inception, which speaks volumes, but don’t just take our word for it, see what our Moxie families have to say.

As a very busy business owner and real estate investor, I have an extremely tight schedule. For people who need to be in two places at once, Moxie Girl is the perfect solution. – Greg B. – Phoenix, AZ

OMG!!!!! Moxie Girl came over and completely organized an absolute TON of clothing today. Such pressure has been lifted off my shoulders. They are amazing and worth every penny! – Sabrina S. – Scottsdale, AZ

Many women I know work a lot of hours or are in the sandwich generation caring for their children and/or parents and/or working. If you feel there isnt enough of you to go around, do what I did and get help! It is cheaper than therapy. – Cindy F. – Phoenix, AZ

No more stacks of business cards and people we might “give a try.” We call Moxie first and always. Thanks! – John & Kathy T. – Phoenix, AZ

Moxie Girl provided an excellent staff to really take the stress out of our event! I felt like I was a guest at my own party! Thanks! – Javier Z. – Chandler, AZ