Feeling Like A Yo-Yo? It’s Time to Organize Kid’s Schedules

Feeling Like A Yo-Yo? It’s Time to Organize Kid’s Schedules

Feeling overwhelmed with your children's schedule and yours? Not to worry- follow our steps and it will keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

Over the weekend, we touched on organizing kid’s closets and tasks to make it an engaging and learning experience for the kids. And as I was writing, I thought back to all of the items I still have from my recitals a hundred years ago, and got to thinking of how busy I was as a child.


Although that business has only continued to grow into a more structured controlled chaos, I thought back to all of the running around my parents did taking me from piano lessons, to the dance studio, to gymnastics, to singing, to cheer, to club activities and the list goes on and on.


Just as we all do, children have hectic schedules and sometime their to-do list seems to be written on a scroll of paper that appears to unravel for miles and miles and miles. I want to help you organize your kid’s schedules so you can keep yours, and teach them at a young age how to manage their time.


Click here to organize your kid’s schedule.


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