Friday Favorites Summer Style

Friday Favorites Summer Style

It’s Friday!! Three cheers for the weekend! And…it’s summer. Time for vacations, lazy afternoons, beach bums, summer fruit, water gun wars, reading a good book, and so much more. Think about what makes your summer Fridays awesome. Now, make a list and do some of those things..or don’t do anything. Take time for yourself. Relax. Unwind. Enjoy life!

Here are some of my summer favorites. What are yours?

Friday Favorites Summer Style


Summer berries. Mix them in a smoothie. Bake a berry crumble. Just pop ’em in your mouth for a burst of fresh deliciousness.





Friday Favorites Summer Style


Swimming. Hanging out in the pool. Staying cool when it’s hot out. Watching the kids have oodles of fun in the water.




Friday Favorites Summer Style




Relaxation at the beach. Reading a good book. Listening to the waves. Building a sand castle. Soaking up the sun.





Friday Favorites Summer Style



Celebrating freedom. Watching fireworks. Family time. Proud to be an American. BBQ with family & friends.





Friday Favorites Summer Style




Family vacations. Creating memories. Laughing. Togetherness. Love.





These are some of my summer favorites. What are yours? Share them on our Facebook page.


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