Holiday Planning 101 – It’s Not too Early!

Holiday planning in SEPTEMBER? Yep. It’s time! Get a jump on the season and take the stress factor down a notch. There will be details to polish up later, but let’s get going on the majors now. You can plan your calendar: activities, appointments, decorating, etc. These are the big things. What I love about holiday planning is that if you get the plans down now, you can live in the present for the rest of the holidays!

Holiday Planning on Your Calendar –

Calendaring ( here is one holiday calendar we love! ) is critical during the holidays! It will save your sanity. Schedule EVERYTHING!



  • Daily activities – First of all, Plan School, Work, Athletic schedules and Lessons! (suggestion: use a different color for each member of your family!)
  • Appointments – Schedule every Dentist and Doctor’s visit, Hair, Nail, or Waxing appointment, Pest Control and Pool guy visit! Get it on the calendar through December so you won’t have to think about it again until the New Year!
  • Events are next – Plan in that cookie exchange with the girls from work, the Nutcracker Ballet with your neice, your annual Christmas Tea with Grandma, and no less than 5 shopping days! Plan for some unexpected events too, because there may be dinners out with couples or a Christmas play with the kids! Consequently, plan for unplanned events. Schedule a few “negotiable” days into your holiday planning, such as a few Saturday nights with simple events on the agenda. Be willing to negotiate these dates to squeeze in that surprise concert or holiday play!
    Schedule in decorating days!

    Schedule in decorating days!

  • Decorating Time – Some people throw a wreath on the door and call it done. Others, need days – for garlands on the banister, lights from attic to basement, a candle in every window, and a 2 story tree! You don’t want to be overwhelmed, so think back to your Modus Operandi last year, and schedule those decorating days in this season!
  • Work days’ – Finally, you’ll need time to bake the yule log and the frosted star cookies. There’s going to be gift wrapping. You’ll need to shop for groceries, and of course, the pine needles will need vacuuming! You’ll need work days, so plan them in.

Holiday planning now by getting your activities scheduled, and calendaring them in, CAN save your sanity this season!

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