Keep Your Bag From Looking Like This…

Happy Vacation Time!

With Memorial Day right around the corner, I’ve been chatting with some girlfriends about their upcoming trips. Listening to their excitement on what to wear, how they can’t narrow down how many heels they want to fly with, and how in the world they will only have one carry-on bag, inspired me. Let’s talk about how to pack, or should I say, pack efficiently.

In conducting some of my own research, I found a list of literally over 45 things in only one section that claims will all fit in one bag! Although that same list also includes a tent, a door-stop, and a whistle, if they can do it, you can too!

Keep Your Bag From Looking Like This…

Think of packing as Spring Cleaning. You do NOT want to gut out your closet of items you don’t need and then toss them all back in the closet. Less is always more. Make necessity your focal point in this process.

Think of these ten tips as you pack and you will be rocking only one bag for sure:

1. Do your laundry sooner than the night before. Put aside outfits you think you might want to wear and then sort through them as you pack to decide what you need.
2. If you only need three outfits, don’t pack 10. Get the idea?
3. Lay out note cards on the floor of the days you will be there. For example, say you will be gone Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Write those days on note cards, lay them out on the floor and think of what you will need for each day starting from wake-up time to bedtime, lay everything out that you will need on that day and pack it all away.
4. Go over your lists thoroughly.
5. If you give yourself a limited maximum of what you can bring, then there will always be extra room for anything you may have forgotten, or anything you might bring home with you from the trip.
6. Do grocery shopping a few days before. Plan out meals, snacks and drinks that you want on your travels.
7. Bring at least two extra pairs of underwear than your planned trip and always pack at least one piece of clothing to keep you warm in case “freak” weather occurs.
8. Use the rolling technique for getting all your clothes to fit.
9. Bring lots of plastic bags and pack all toiletries in plastic bags ahead of time.
10. If you are flying with at least one other person, pack some of both of your items in each other’s bag. That way if one were to get lost, you both will be set. (I’m sending positive vibes your way though, so not to worry!)

If you have any other helpful packing tips or lists that you would like to share, let me know! And if you find any other interesting lists that include items even more outrageous than a tent, whistle and a door-stop AND it will all fit in one bag, I’d love to see what you can find!

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