Organizing Shirts ‘Til It Hurts

As I was moving and organizing my closets, I stumbled upon shirts, in particular, that I a.) no longer needed, b.) no longer wanted, or c.) became new-found favorites.


And though I know I’ve touched on closets before, I think it is important to touch on shirts as their category.

Organizing Shirts ‘Til It Hurts

Let’s talk about organization first: I like to organize all of my shirts first and foremost by purpose. I have my business shirts, business casual shirts, clubbing tops (yeah, that’s right. I said it), everyday shirts and nicer blouses.


Once I bunch all of them together, I then sort by how often I wear them. The most frequently worn items, I happen to put in the front so in case I accidentally sleep through an alarm and need to bolt to work in the speed of light, I have my easily accessible go-to items.


Then, I like to put them in color order, if possible. That way, when I open the closet, I can see all of the different tones and hues and really hone in on what type of look I’m going for that day.


In addition, I also within those categories and colored areas, like to organize them from shortest in length to longest. For example, I like to have my short, sheer blouse before my little-bit-lengthier clubbing blouse- notice the “little-bit”. :+)


And lastly, an interesting spin on organizing your shirts this way would be to put matching shorts, pants or skirts draped with your shirts. That way you have a ready-to-go ensemble.


For the shirts that need to be folded, that is a whole ‘nother story to come. Click here to see a sneak preview of my demonstration on Sonoran Living on quick and easy ways to fold!


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