Rest and Relaxation In Your Home!

Ready for a great vacation? Who isn’t right? But, I’m not talking Vegas, Lake Havasu or California. I’m talking Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler and Valley homes. What if I told you that your vacation is right here and in your house?

Rest and Relaxation In Your Home!

I would not have changed my vacation even if I was offered a million dollars. I had the most relaxing Memorial Day Weekend and believe it or not, I felt all of that relaxation in my home!


As I mentioned last week in giving advice to pack for a trip, there is a the list of over 45 items that consists of a tent, whistle and door-stop that could be stuffed into one carry-on bag, As I took a look over that giant list again imagining if they truly meant carry-on bag or Mary Poppin’s bag, I got to thinking about necessities.


It is crucial to organize our lives and organize our households in the same fashion of packing. I wouldn’t haul extra luggage around if I didn’t need it and I shouldn’t have items cluttering up my living space that I’ll never use. I realized that after organizing my home, I was able to make my entire weekend become a life of vacation.


Click here for tips on how to make vacation relaxation your reality.


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