ROCK Your Fall Decor! Here’s How…

Although the temperature is still hitting the triple digits here in Phoenix, September spells FALL on most minds! With the change of seasons comes the change in home decor, therefore, it’s time for fall decorating! The colors and the textures in nature are nothing short of inspirational, so let’s look at some simple yet beautiful ways to bring the out-of-doors inside to decorate your home this fall!

~ LEAVES ~ No matter your style, orange, gold and red leaves absolutely scream fall! Fill glass Hurricane Jars with leaves as a stunning way to capture the colors of the season. You can also add in a tall white battery operated pillar candle for a nice warm touch. Three of these jars in different heights, on a silver or glass tray make a lovely table centerpiece or fireplace mantle focus piece. The idea of using real, dried leaves has ‘romantic appeal’, however, real leaves dry out and turn brown. They also become brittle. Consequently, I recommend silk leaves from a craft store, which come in very natural looking colors and can be re-used year after year.

Fall vegetables are a great choice for a centerpiece

Fall vegetables are a great choice for a centerpiece to ROCK your fall decor!

~ SEASONAL VEGETABLES ~ Markets abound with beautiful, colorful gourds, multi-hued large and mini pumpkins, and a variety of squash. I’ve seen dried corn husks, nuts and peppers too. To create a vegetable centerpiece, first of all, you’ll need a base. You’ll add in bedding, and lastly, the veggies. Try a large, flat wooden tray, or a huge decorative bowl as your base. You could also use a tray with 3 different sized bowls on the tray. Your ‘bedding’ can be flowers, colorful leaves, twigs, seeds, beans, nuts, burlap, or a combination of all of these, then choose a variety of vegetables in varying sizes and colors to add on top.

Another more modern take on vegetables is to spray paint them with white or cream paint, and use a very monocromatic style. Use a white platter as the base, burlap as the bedding, then line up three medium-sized vegetables in a row on the platter. ( Don’t ever eat spray-painted vegetables. )

Wouldn't this window planter look beautiful on a mantle?

Wouldn’t this window planter look beautiful on a mantle

~BRANCHES, TWIGS & FLOWERS ~ I love a long branch, some long twigs, and long stemmed fall flowers in a bundle, which are all wrapped two or three times with brown twine! I’ve used this as a centerpeice for my dining table, also as front step decor, propped in the corner by the doorbell. Tall twigs and sunflowers in a large, heavy vase standing on any table are the essence of fall.

When decorating with natural elements, remember that nature is a wild place! There is wind and rain, and things grow in a haphazard fashion. You really can’t “mess it up”, so pretty much anything goes. Put things together, then re-arrange; add and subtract until the display “feels good” to you. Most importantly, enjoy this incredibly beautiful time of year by letting fall decor become part of your home!



Photo credit: <a href=””>Oregon State University</a> via <a href=””></a> / <a href=””>CC BY-SA</a>

Photo credit: <a href=””>Lori L. Stalteri</a> via <a href=””>Visual hunt</a> / <a href=””>CC BY</a>

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  1. Karie Hicks

    My cousin lives in Wisconsin and sends me real leaves that have been pressed in a book and I decorate my house with those every year!


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