Being green in the cleaning industry comes in many forms and shapes. It starts with the supplies the company uses to complete the services and goes all the way to how they schedule to minimize driving and all the things in between. See how Moxie Girl is doing her part to be more green for a better future.

moxie-cleaning-leaf GREEN SUPPLIES
CleaningCombo2_webMoxie Girl uses green products by the Truce brand. These products are environmentally-safe for many reasons such as:

  • Biodegradable formulas
  • No harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, or formaldehyde
  • Ultra-concentrated formulas (save on product and reduces packaging)
  • Reusable spray bottles, towels, and carry bags minimizing waste

Please note that while we practice green cleaning, it is also important that we provide quality services. Our experience has shown that some cleaners are either not available in a green version or the green version does not meet our quality standards. In such cases we use a few non-green products for certain tasks. We are more than happy to use green products only or your supplied products upon request.

Proper scheduling and routing of team members is important in this industry to avoid unnecessary driving-time and fuel usage. Moxie Girl practices green scheduling by assigning our team to clients that are in the geographical area of their home. Also, multiple clients and jobs are arranged together and close-by as much as possible to minimize driving.

Moxie Girl is constantly striving to be better and more efficient in our practices, processes, and systems. Continuously updating to more electronic systems reduces printing and paper waste while also providing more efficiency. We provide most, if not all, information to our clients and our team members via telephone, email, or some other electronic means.