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Needing basic house cleaning services? Moxie Girl has an option for you too. Our house cleaning services start the same way as our maid services, but include a few less bells and whistles to keep the costs within any budget. We believe in the importance of getting to know you and your unique needs and wants, so we start with the in-home consultation to learn just how you like things done, then we put together a checklist to include all your house cleaning needs.

If you have never used a house cleaning service before, you may want to look at a standard cleaning checklist to see what most clients request. Use this tool to start thinking about what you would like Moxie Girl to do when we come in for your house cleaning services, and remember that you can add or delete any of the tasks to make the list fit your needs.

Green Cleaning
Moxie Girl uses green products with the Truce brand but we aren’t snobs about it. Green cleaning is important to us but providing a quality service is as well. Our experience has shown that some cleaners are either not available in a green version or the green version does not meet our quality standards. In such cases we use a few non-green products for specific tasks. We are more than happy to use green products only or use your products upon request. See the products in our cleaning kits for more details.

Our client’s supplies
Our clients are more than welcome to supply their own cleaning products and supplies if they wish. We will use whatever our clients supply assuming they are not harmful to our team (i.e. large quantities of bleach, ammonia, or other strong chemicals).

However, to minimize the potential of transporting unsanitary items from home to home (i.e. hair, fleas, urine, vomit, etc.) we do ask that our clients have some of their own supplies including:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop (or other hard floor tool)
  • Toilet brushes

House Cleaning Pricing
Because each home is so unique for this service Moxie Girl begins each relationship with a free in-home consultation. This allows us to see and hear from you what is going on in your world and the specific wants and needs for your space and give recommendations for services that may better suit you.

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