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Whether you are an out-of-state homeowner who needs your Arizona home checked on to satisfy your homeowner’s insurance requirements, or you are simply going out of town and want to make sure your home is in good condition when you arrive back home, Moxie Girl has house sitting packages for you. We can stop by monthly, weekly, daily, or anywhere in between. Nothing is worse than arriving back home to find your house has suffered a flood, break-in, or dried up P-Trap (aka bad sewer smell). Moxie Girl can help prevent damage from happening to your home while you are away with our house sitting packages. As an added bonus it just so happens we do house cleaning and maid service as well so go ahead, “kill two birds with one stone” and have Moxie Girl do some house cleaning, laundry, and stock your fridge before your arrival by simply adding on Moxie Girl maid services.

Whether you are an out-of-state homeowner who needs a trusted person to check on your home to satisfy your homeowner’s insurance requirements (and peace of mind!), or a vacation rental home owner who needs cleaning services after your guests leave, Moxie Girl has house sitter and vacation rental cleaning packages for you.

Each House Check visit consists of a thorough walk-thru of your home’s interior and exterior including:

  • Checking for damage (break-ins, vandalism, storm damage, etc.)
  • Inspecting for leaks (inside/outside)
  • Running water through drains, dishwasher, and washing machine
  • Verifying other service providers have been completing their responsibilities (landscaping, pool service, etc)
  • Removing papers/fliers from the front of the house
  • Checking and forwarding mail (if requested)
  • And any other special requests you may have.

House sitting pricing:

  • $35 per visit

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