It has been said Moxie Girl is different, here are some reasons why:

moxie-trust TRUST

At Moxie Girl, we believe you should be able to trust the person in your home. This is at the core of our company and our team members are the most trustworthy in the industry. If we would not bring them into our own homes, we will not bring them into yours. All our team members complete training in one of our homes as an added “gut check” before we send them into your home.

It is inevitable that accidents happen in homes. While we do what we can to avoid accidents, they still happen. Sometimes things fall, elbows bump knick-knacks, or a clean glass falls to the floor. Sometimes it is our fault, sometimes we are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but in all cases we are open and honest about it. We don’t hide our mistakes. This is ingrained into our team throughout training and beyond. If we break it, we fix it.

When you are hiring Moxie Girl you can feel comfortable knowing the Moxie Girl in your home will be honest with you when accidents occur.

 moxie-personality MOXIE = PERSONALITY

Just as trust is a very important quality for our team, having a personality is a close second. While you trust them you should also be able to “LIKE” them. Don’t settle for house cleaning services that hire people who just treat you like a number. At Moxie Girl, all our team members want to understand you as a person to better provide your service.

A boring, bland, or rude person will be boring, bland, or rude after they have become the world’s best house cleaner. We don’t want to hang out with boring, bland, or rude people, and we’ve heard that you don’t either. We choose applicants who like to laugh and smile, are genuine and honest, have a strong work ethic and willingness to learn. Personality reflects passion.

If you know someone who would make a great Moxie Girl, or you are interested in applying for a position with Moxie Girl, please visit our Employment page.

 moxie-language WE SPEAK ENGLISH

Why do we even mention this? Because our clients have told us that it is important to them that they can communicate with the people helping them in their home. The house cleaning and maid services industry has a reputation for employing people who speak little or no English, but at Moxie Girl, we require our team members to be able to communicate with our clients in English.

When you bring someone into your home to do your personal tasks and you are unable to fully communicate to them what you need, it is very difficult to communicate how you want things done. Moxie Girl has heard these frustrations time and time again from clients that went the “inexpensive” route the first time around to only become frustrated and then hire Moxie Girl to truly make their lives easier.

 moxie-care MOXIE CARES

Yes, our clients enjoy excellent cleaning, maid service, or organizing services, but what really keeps them coming back is that every one of our staff are committed to making lives easier. We truly care about each and every client, and it shows in all the things that we do. From our feedback and communication, to the special touches we learn you like, Moxie Girl is committed to helping you love your home.

 moxie-bonding YOU’RE COVERED

Bonding Insurance

While we believe we hire the best, most trustworthy people in the industry, we carry bonding as an added layer of protection for our clients. Bonding insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects clients from untrustworthy decisions a house cleaner could make. If someone were to steal from your home, this insurance would cover the cost of having the item replaced. Without bonding insurance, the client is ultimately responsible for the loss.

We believe our extensive screening process including background and reference checks, multiple stages of new hire training, and our bonding insurance give you the assurance and peace of mind you need to choose Moxie Girl for your home service needs.

Liability Insurance

By having liability insurance, Moxie Girls removes the responsibility from our clients for accidents that could happen while in the homes. Without it you may be faced with replacing that $500 vase that was accidently broken. What about something a little bigger like a faucet left on that causes a whole house flood. Damage like this will most certainly cost thousands, and if your services company does not have insurance you will pay for their mistake.

When you are hiring Moxie Girl for your home services, you can feel confident that you are protected in case an accident happens.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Did you know that if the person working in your home is not covered under a workers’ compensation insurance plan that YOU are responsible for any injuries they may incur on the job? What if the house cleaner slips on a wet floor and breaks her arm or falls off a ladder while cleaning the tops of your cabinets and breaks her leg? If the company you hire does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, you can be held responsible for all those costly medical bills.

Moxie Girl team members go through safety training to help prevent the common accidents that can happen in a home. If something goes wrong during your house cleaning, maid services, or any other time one of our team is in your home, you can rest assured that you and they are protected by our workers’ compensation insurance.


Since team members are our employees, federal payroll, unemployment, and state taxes and the required paperwork are completed by Moxie Girl.

Many clients don’t realize that by law they are required to document and pay taxes for household employees for any amount over $1800 per year or $1000 per quarter. Penalties for non-payment include interest penalties and fines. We save our clients the hassle by taking care of all those details for them.

U.S. Legal

We verify our team members are legally eligible to work in the U.S.


Solo or independent assistants is something Moxie Girl has stood by since we were founded. While other maid service companies send 2, 3, 4 or more staff into your home, creating a “cleaning tornado,” Moxie Girl believes in sending one assistant per home. We believe maid service is very personal and sending one staff member per job gives our clients the best customer service in the industry. Here are some reasons why:

  • Trust – It is much less stressful when there is only 1 person in your home. 1 person to believe in, 1 person to know about, 1 person to trust.,
  • Accountability – if issues arise, we know exactly who to go to, no finger-pointing allowed.
  • Relationship – choose your own amount of comfort by getting to know your Moxie Girl personally.
  • Efficiency – no possibility of duplicated work or unnecessary chit-chat. It’s a fact, more people completing services means the job will take more man-hours and cost more. See Brook’s Law for more information on this.
  • Group free-riding – the idea that a team member doesn’t do as much as others on the team expecting the other team to pick up his/her slack. This creates issues within the team as well as more time and money spent.
  • Peace – if you choose to stay home during services, there is no big team of workers nearly forcing you out of your house or chasing you around with the vacuum. We work quietly around you, allowing you to go about your day with minimal disruptions.


Moxie Girl understands our client’s homes are all different and therefore, the service needs to reflect these differences. Most other providers in the industry give you a once size fits all approach to service. Moxie Girl services, on the other hand, are built for you. Our service checklists are built from scratch for each client we serve. From your initial in-home consultation visit and the services that you need we are compile these lists. Sometimes other tools (i.e. pictures, videos, etc.) in addition to checklists are required to assure we get it “right” each and every time we are there. We feel this is the only way to truly make the service “Your Home. Your Way.” See our example service checklists below to get a feel for what we mean.

Example Cleaning Service Checklist (Note: this checklist will open the page in a new browser window.)