Moxie Girl Vacation Rental CleaningVACATION RENTAL CLEANING

moxie-girl-house-sittingWhether you are an out-of-state homeowner who needs a Phoenix home sitter or a vacation rental home cleaning to satisfy your homeowner’s insurance requirements or your own peace of mind. Moxie Girl has house sitter and vacation rental cleaning packages for you.

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Nothing is worse than arriving back home to find your house has suffered a flood, break-in, or dried up P-Trap (aka bad sewer smell). Moxie Girl can help prevent damage from happening to your home while you are away with our house sitting and vacation rental check packages. As an added bonus it just so happens that we do house cleaning and maid service as well so go ahead, “kill two birds with one stone.”

Vacation Rental Cleanings also include hotel-style maid service including:

  • Standard Moxie Girl house cleaning services
  • Changing and cleaning all linens
  • Cleaning and putting away all dishes
  • Stocking paper products, soap dispensers, and any other supplies kept in the home
  • Removing all left-behind personal items from the home (including leftover food and drinks)
  • Checking for damaged or missing items

Vacation rental cleaning pricing:

  • See pricing in House Cleaning

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