Storing Bulk Rice

Storing Bulk Rice

Over the last few months, I’ve been trimming as much as I can out of our grocery budget. My husband tells me that Ben Franklin would be proud of my new found frugality. I don’t know much about Ben Franklin, but I think that’s a compliment…


Anyway, one of the items I found I could save mega-mulah on was rice. We cook a lot of Asian meals, so we go through a lot of rice. Rather than having to buy a 2lb bag of Basmati at the grocery store for $4, I found you can get a 20lb bag at a local Asian market for about $12. I was so excited about the deal, that I didn’t even consider how I was going to store a giant bag of rice in my pantry. For days, I searched and searched local stores for a plastic bin that was big enough to hold the rice, small enough to fit on the floor of my pantry, and would seal to keep bugs out, but I had no luck.


Then, as I was randomly strolling through my world wide neighborhood, I found the perfect solution! Sterilite has now come out with a 20qt box WITH a gasket seal. I just got two of them (one for long grain, one for Basmati) in the mail today, and had to show them off. They aren’t labelled yet, but don’t worry, they will be soon.

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If you are have been looking for some good storage options like this, I recommend using USPHome. They have a lot of options, were very easy tp purchase from, and my order got here in super speed.


If you have any other ideas on storing bulk items, I would love to hear about them!

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