Stress Free Closet Organizing

Recently Moxie Girl got to work with a client who was completely stressed out by her closet. She knew that there were lots of clothes she hadn’t worn in over 3 years, and they were keeping her from finding the things she really liked. We had a great time working with her and seeing the transformation of not only her closet, but of her stress level when she looked at her clothes. Hope you enjoy the pictures of the process!

A stressful closet

Before - Finding the right thing to wear each day was a stressful situation!

Little room to walk and piles made it more challenging

Sorting is the fun part. Once all the clothes were in categories (on the bed in this case), the client could easily see how many shirts, dresses, pants, etc. she had. Lots of donations got pulled from these piles!!


The donation pile began to grow. There were lots of clothes that were in great condition, but hadn't been worn in years.

Summer shoes were moved to the accessible shelves, shirts were hung above pants and skirts (because we wear shirts on top and skirts/pants on bottom). This created easier visuals for our client to get dressed each day.

The piles on the floor were cleared and the shelves became an organized space for accessories.

We then cleared out the SIX bags of clothing, shoes, and accessories the client no longer wanted. All items were in great condition and were donated to a local domestic violence shelter. Our client gets a big tax write-off AND a happy, organized closet.

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