The New Kind of M and M: Moxie + Moving!

The New Kind of M and M: Moxie + Moving!

Earlier today I was sitting on the Jersey shore looking out at the waves crashing in with the soothing sound, summer breeze and rays slowing kissing my skin. I thought to myself, “what an AMAZING break this is from organizing and moving…”

The New Kind of M&M: Moxie + Moving!

As I said last week, moving is a process. I not only was helping my friend move, but was moving myself.

loaded truck 3

It seems like now is the “hot” time of the year to move and transition into a new home.  So, if you find yourself trying to organize your move a little more efficiently, here’s a combination of tips I’ve created and some I’ve found throughout the years.


Tips to Organize Your Move:

  1. Set a time frame of how long you want your moving process to be and a deadline of when you want your move to be complete.
  2. Decide whether you will need a few cars to load things up or a moving van.
  3. Pack a separate suitcase full of clothes and items you use frequently to keep with you in between your old and new place.
  4. Clean everything and everywhere.
  5. Organize your items according to room and then subcategorize by types of items.
  6. Decide whether or not you want to move with boxes, bags or a combination of the two.
  7. Find a central area that you can place all of the bags and boxes into. By stacking boxes (labeled by sharpie on the outside) or having an area to haul bags (don’t necessarily have to be labeled), you will make the actual moving part very quick.
  8. Work in shifts or find a group to assist you- which is where we can step in! Please contact us if you need assistance organizing or executing your move. Click here for more information.


In addition, I happened to find 101 helpful tips for moving off of if you want to have a mapped-out play-by-play of your move.


For me though, I think the 8 tips I laid out are the most important to fully understand to effectively execute your organized moving process.


I know it can be a strenuous task, but not only do I want to help you, but I have faith in you. The sooner you get it done, the sooner you can reach your paradise- your new home- your new beginning. And that, in and of itself, will feel just as good as lying on the beach of the Jersey Shore.


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