Top 3 Tips for Back-to-School Re-Organizing

You survived the summer! Whether you are overjoyed to get in a routine again, or holding back the tears after watching little Suzy get on the bus, it’s time for you to do some back-to-school re-organizing in your home. Here are Miss MOXIE’s top 3 tips to get you started!

Tip 1 – Sort through the clothes 

Konmari clothes folding method.

Konmari clothes folding method.

Back-to-School time seems to be the universal ‘shop for new clothes’ time, therefore, you can find fall clothing sales in nearly every store, even if it is still 100 degrees where you live! Make it a habit to go through last year’s fall and winter clothing and discard all the too-short pants and too-snug T-shirts. If you find things that you haven’t seen on your kids in a year, get rid of those too! It means they are unwanted! This helps keep ‘clothes madness’ at bay! You know: when it looks like the closet exploded?

When you have sorted through everything, return to the drawers with the ‘filing folding method’. Fold T-shirts lengthwise into thirds, then in half, as if you were going to stack them. Before putting them in the drawer, fold them in half once more and stand the shirts on end, like file folders. Little Johnny can then see all of his shirts and choose the one he wants instead of yanking out the shirt on the bottom. His drawers will stay neater much longer! You can do this with jeans too!

Tip 2 – Organize the play room

Re-Organized playroom!

Re-Organized playroom!

Your busy summer is over now, and generally speaking, playtime will be greatly reduced. This is the perfect project to work on during school hours! If she’s watching, I guarantee the toy that hasn’t been played with in a year will become “HER FAVORITE” when you decide to donate it! You know your kids, so If lots of things are old news, pass them on. On the flip side of that coin, be sure not to get rid of the one dear treasure that will be sorely missed! Pack up and store the well-loved ‘Bob the Bunny’ for posterity, but don’t become overly sentimental! If you are super ambitious, this is also a great time to paint, have the carpet cleaned, and update with a set of shelves and baskets.

Tip 3 – Clean the pantry

Use baskets and shelf-steps to help with re-organizing your pantry.

Use baskets and shelf-steps to help with re-organizing your pantry.

During the summer little swimmers are running into the house for granola bars, and little Saturday morning cartoon watchers are rummaging around for cereal. Your pantry might not have fared so well during the mayhem! When all the kids are back-to-school, give it a good top-to-bottom cleaning and re-stocking. Wipe all the shelves down, then throw out empty cracker boxes, and nearly empty chip bags. Sweep or vacuum for crumbs and wash the floor. If you haven’t already, now is a prefect time to buy baskets (Miss MOXIE loves these scoop-front wire baskets ) and load them with single-serving snacks! Healthy chips, fruit roll-ups, popcorn or nuts, or fruit are perfect, and also tasty! To save money, buy ZIPLOC bags and make your own treat bags with bulk purchases.

Once you have finished up your Back-to-School Organizing, take a break! Brew a cup of tea, and then read a Chapter in your favorite book! You might just want to put your feet up! After all, you deserve to think about your great Back-to-School Re-Organizing accomplishment!


THANKS FOR JOINING US! Did you know we are already getting excited for the HOLIDAYS around here? Come back next month when Miss MOXIE will be giving you some HOLIDAY PREPAREDNESS TIPS!


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