WRAPPING up your Holidays with Ease!

Wrapping presents! Oh the BOXES, the BAGS, the PAPER, the TAGS! I’m COVERED with TAPE from my HEAD to my TOE! The GIFTS I must wrap? Well they FILL me with WOE! and it SHOULD NOT BE SO!

Are you just a smidge overwhelmed at Holiday time with wrapping all those presents in an easy and yet creative way? STOP! DON’T get your TINSEL in a TANGLE! Here are a few GIFTWRAP HACKS to try that can calm you right down!


Giftwrapping station Wrapping presents is easier with a gift wrapping station!

Giftwrapping station
Wrapping presents is easier with a gift wrapping station!

A wrapping station is a wonderful thing! This designated space will keep you organized and sane in your most frantic wrapping moments! How? You get to leave all your stuff out! No ‘putting it all away’ after a marathon wrapping session! With a station, you can store purchased gifts under the table, then wrap as the mood strikes! Believe it or not, most of us can scrape together things we have from around the house and not spend a dime!

Place yours in an out-of-the-way area…a spare bedroom, the laundry room or even a corner of the family room. A simple station includes: a table (I use a folding 6 foot that’s stored in my garage); a holder for rolls of wrap (I use a recycle trash can); a basket or box of gift bags and tissue; another container for rolls of ribbon; and a caddy for scissors, tape, tags, and pens or markers (glass jars in a shoebox or photobox work great for this). I also have a huge basket containing assorted boxes under the table. If you do lots of gifting throughout the year, there are elaborate and fabulous ideas for permanent stations in dressers, armoirs, and closets! For our holiday station?…we’ll keep it SIMPLE! Having everything you need at your fingertips? DIVINE! And you’ll keep your house from looking like a ribbon factory that just exploded!

Wrapping presents with SIMPLICITY!

Simple Giftwrap can be beautiful

Simple Giftwrap can be beautiful

If you are just NOT in the mood to be creative this year, or for some reason, you HATE the wrapping part, there is an EASY PEASY way for your presents to put a twinkle in eveyone’s eye anyway. SIMPLICITY! The easiest ideas can also be the most beautiful. Here’s my go-to-most-simple-ever giftwrap method: Purchase all white giftbags in assorted sizes. Use red and green tissue, (blue and silver or white for Hanukkah). Choose one color of curling ribbon, or pre-curled ribbons where the work is done and you just peel-and-stick. Use a thick red, green (or blue) Sharpie to write the names (To: and From:) on the lower right front corner of the bag. Voila! Beautiful and SUPER simple!

Spend your energy this season on fun with the family and keep your gift-wrapping stress-free!

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