3 Cleaning Mistakes you are Probably Making

February 10th, 2017 | By Mary Ellen

Everyone who loves to clean, shout ME right now! *Crickets* So I may actually have been the only voice! Many find housecleaning a daunting and dreaded task. I think I love to clean because I had a mom who loved to clean! Mom knew how to clean well, how to clean fast, and she taught me to avoid these three big mistakes:

MISTAKE # 1 — Neglecting to Pre-Vacuum.

I’m not talking carpeting here – Dust, hair, pet hair, and dirt are collecting everywhere, on every surface in your home daily. Instead of ‘moving the dust around’ by swiffering or sweeping, vacuum. Set your vacuum on the bare floor setting and vacuum all the hard surfaces before washing. Attachments are AMAZING if you use them correctly! Vacuum all your tile or wood floors before washing! Take the vacuum head off and attach the long wand with the nozzle to get under the bed, behind furniture, and into the crease between the wall and floor, and the top of the baseboards. Use the brush attachment on the wand to quickly vacuum surfaces of furniture, coffee tables, shelves, window sills, fan blades, blinds, etc. This will make the washing portion of your cleaning much less dirty and messy!

MISTAKE # 2 — Cleaning with a dirty rag.

Best cleaning move? Pitch ALL your ‘old torn up T-Shirts, old wash cloths and cut up towel rags’ and purchase a dozen cotton cleaning rags! Buy a dozen microfiber cleaning cloths as well. That’s it. They last forever. That’s all you need to clean most surfaces. Don’t waste money on gimmicks or ‘special’ cleaning cloths. When you clean, use 3 cloths: 1 dry cloth to use with your all purpose cleaning spray, 1 damp to be your ‘final wipe’ cloth, and one (barely) damp microfiber with NO CLEANER. Since you have pre-vacuumed, there won’t be much dust or debris. Fold your cloths in half, and in half again. This gives you 8 cleaning surfaces per cloth. Spray your surface and wipe. When your cloth becomes visibly soiled, turn it over. Repeat this process until you have used all 8 surfaces, then start a new cloth. This guarantees a streak-free, non-smudged surface. Use your damp cloth as a final wipe after cleaning. The barely damp microfiber can be folded to make 8 surfaces also. This is for shining your cleaned mirror, glass shower door, and any glass surface. You can also polish your clean faucets with this microfiber. NO GLASS CLEANER IS NECESSARY! Using this method provides a ‘true cleaning’ for all surfaces and guarantees you won’t be ‘pushing dirt around’.

MISTAKE #3 — Using the wrong, or using dirty tools.

Some cleaning jobs can be done perfectly with your vacuum and attachments, or your simple cleaning rags. A few jobs require proper tools that make the job quick and easy. A squeegee to clean windows or glass doors, for example, is a must. Another good tool is a rough-sided sponge for stuck on food on the counter. Keep a cleaning bucket with your tools, and after using them, wipe them quickly with a damp rag to clean. When you wash your cleaning rags, DO NOT use fabric softener! Clean a sponge by putting it in a bowl of water in the microwave for 3 minutes. Be sure to empty your vacuum canister at least once a month; once a week if you vacuum more often, or have lots of carpeting or a pet. Keeping your tools clean is a great help in making cleaning easier!

If you have been making cleaning mistakes, now you can correct them and make keeping your home clean a whole lot easier! Happy cleaning!