Holiday Decorating on a Dime

November 25th, 2016 | By Mary Ellen

Holiday Decorating on a Dime!

The Holidays are here!  Decorating your home – whether you go big and bold, or keep it sweet and simple – it’s always great to save some money and spend it on fabulous gifts! Here are a few ideas to creative a festive home on a holiday budget!

Can you REALLY create beautiful holiday decorating on a dime?

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to decorating, or do you change it up each year? For variety and an updated style, try adding in another color! Silver added to a “Country Natural” theme gives the perfect bit of sparkle while keeping it simple! Silver balls and icicles on the tree, along with tall, wide glass assorted jars filled with more silver decorations. Scatter about your house-on tables, the mantle, or counters. Sprigs of artificial pine branches in keeping with the Country theme added in, are a perfect touch!

Alter any theme with color. Bright purple, yellow, and red balls and stringed beads for a modern focus. Choose blue decorations for Hanukkah. Add gold glitter and white lights for opulence. You can also use only heaps of artificial snow and plain pinecones on the tree branches? White glittered balls, pine cones, ribbons and artificial cotton snow on platters scattered about create a simple winter motif.


Do you know how to decorate a Christmas tree? There is a proper way, believe it or not! Here are the basics.

1- Unbox and fluff the branches of your artificial tree. Spend some time on this important step for the most natural look! If you have areal tree, you can love it in it’s natural state, or you can prune some internal branches and trim some ends for nice, roomy ornament placement.

2- Lights come next. This is often the trickiest part of tree decorating. Artificial trees are usually pre-lit, but in case you have an older tree, or a natural tree, here is a method for lighting that gives a natural look. You’ll need 2 -100 light strings for a 6′ tree and 3-4 100 light strings for a 9′ tree, more if you like more twinkle! Use end-to-end plug-in lights. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Plug in an extension cord, and anchor the plug end to the base of your tree loosely with wire. Plug in first strand of lights to make sure they work, and leave them on. Wind in and out of branches, as well as up and down as you circle the tree moving upwards as you. Continue to the top!

3- The next step is the garland. Attach 6 inches or so from the top with floral wire, to a thick branch, or twist branches together if the tree is artificial. Circle at an angle around the tree: 2-3 times for a 6′ tree, and 3-4 times around a 9′ tree. You can measure for garland length by using a white string first.

4- Add a few very large, special decorations next, then picks with bows, for a nice touch.

5- Larger ornaments are placed next, toward the inside for dimension. Smaller ornaments look best along the outside branches. Place any large showcase ornaments here and there on the outside branches. Use longer ornaments to fill empty spaces.

6- Last, place your tree topper!

There you have it! No-nonsense Holiday decorating on a dime!