A Few of Our Favorite Things: Clear Shoe Boxes

July 20th, 2011 | By Amanda Thomas

I often get asked what my favorite organizing products are. There is one product I get to work with every week at a client’s house and have grown to adore: Neat Containers.

Before Moxie Girl reorganized this client’s closet, she was keeping most of her shoes in their original shoe boxes. This kept them free of dust, but it could be tough to remember which shoes were in each box. Plus, heaven forbid she wanted to wear a pair from a dreaded Middle Box. You know the box; the one that if you pull it out, ALL the other boxes around it have to be moved to prevent an avalanche.

Neat Containers in action

When we started organizing her closet, I searched for “clear shoe boxes” online and found these. After watching the demonstration video, I was hooked. They really did seem too good to be true! They are clear, so she can see which shoes are in each box. They come inĀ 5 different sizes, so every pair of shoes (except her knee-high, stiff leather boots) fit into a box. And best of all, the boxes interlock, so when one is pulled out, the rest stay right where they are.

I have been working with this client, helping her keep her shoes (and closet) organized for 4 years now. I am there on a weekly basis making sure every shoe is back in its home, and every time I pull out one of the Neat Containers, I still smile. I really do like them THAT much!