Another Moxie Clean Home SOLD!

May 22nd, 2017 | By Amanda Thomas

A couple weeks ago one of my best friends called me and said that she and her husband found their dream home. It’s in the neighborhood they want, it’s completely remodeled, it has a pool, and they both actually agreed on it. They had put in an offer, and it was accepted! 

Everything was great, except for the fact that they currently own the house they live in, so they need to get it sold asap. She and her husband have two small kids, and they both work, so they were strapped for time to be able to get the house ready for market. She asked if Moxie Girl could help her with a ready for market cleaning and a little staging, and of course I was excited to have my team help her.

We sent over a team of 2 over on a Wednesday morning. In the 5 hours our team was there, they cleaned the home from top to bottom, including wiping the baseboards, cleaning the window treatments, polishing the gorgeous wood floors, and tidying up the toy room. When the visit was complete, every bed had been made, every pillow and cushion fluffed, and every surface decluttered and staged.


Their realtor came by and took pictures, and the listing went live

Saturday morning.

So, was it worth having some help get their home ready? Yes! They had an offer the SAME DAY it listed and will be closing right around the same time as they move in to their dream home!

I love hearing success stories like these from the homes we work with. Whether the client is a long-time friend, or they are someone who finds us on Yelp, we are always excited to help get homes ready for market and SOLD!