How to Buy a Great Wedding Gift!

April 24th, 2017 | By Mary Ellen

Wedding bells often ring in the summer months. Chances are, you will be invited to one – if not more – of these fabulous occasions this year! Whether it’s a best friend’s big day, or a small backyard event of a new aquaintance from the office, I’m here to tell you, you can ROCK a great, truly appreciated gift! If you are weary of the “Card with Check” option, tune in! Here are some ideas!

Tip #1 –  Who IS this couple? Find out!

If he is a minimalist and she hates to cook, your effort to ‘go big’ with a 10 piece set of ‘Gourmet Chef Fabio Pots and Pans’ won’t be appreciated! To give the BEST gift to this couple, ask yourself these questions: How do they live? Are they focused on climbing the corporate ladder, while living in a big city apartment? Are they down home farm folks who like camping and fishing? Are they environmentalists? Maybe organic food and going green are not of interest to them. Have they just left their childhood homes after graduating college, and are venturing out into a new apartment together for the first time? Perhaps they have been living together for 5 years and have a child. Knowing who this couple REALLY is and what their lifestyle is like will give you great clues to the perfect gift!

Tip #2 –  Give according to your budget

If you are a college student working part time, don’t try to impress with a lavish, flashy gift. If you thrill to a romantic story, and enjoy going all out for weddings, by all means spend what you like. If you aren’t sure what the average wedding gift should cost, according to MONEY Magazine, the average wedding gift in 2015 cost $75. The cost of your gift, in my opinion, isn’t as important as the thought, bringing me to my 3rd tip…

Tip #3 – Think outside the box.

Cash is always appreciated – that’s a given. But if you want to give a GREAT gift, think outside the box! If your family owns a print shop and you have known the bride for over a year, offer to gift her the wedding invitations. If you work at a resort, gift the couple a wedding night suite. (They don’t need to know you get one free night per year and are using it for them!) Consider the things we discussed above and make (or buy) them a creative basket: “Your first picnic as a married couple” filled with wine, cloth napkins, a corkscrew, 2 fabulous wine glasses and a giftcard to a local Sandwich Shop. The gift basket possibilities are endless! An event is my favorite gift! There are unlimited options to fit any budget, and it’s a gift theat won’t end up in the rummage box 5 years down the road! How about NBA or NFL game tickets? What about the Art Museum and dinner? Tickets to a concert, play or seasonal theater event are a wonderful option. Out-of-town events are perfect too, like a wine-tasting at their favorite vacation spot. There’s always theme park tickets for the Disney junkies! Remember to ask yourself WHO they are and HOW do they live to get your ideas flowing!

Now that your creative wheels are spinning, you can look forward to giving a fabulous, memorable gift this wedding season! Cheers!