Kitchen Organizing in Arcadia

May 29th, 2018 | By Amanda Thomas

We were recently called by a woman who we had worked with in the past. She and her family had moved in to a new home a few months earlier, but they didn’t like how a few storage areas in their home were set up. The first, and most important, area she wanted us to focus on was her pantry.

She’s works for national TV and radio shows that require her to work long hours and travel frequently. Her husband works full time,  and they have a nanny who helps care for their small kids during the week. They needed the pantry to have a system that is easy to use by everyone in the home. She needed to be able to grab breakfast as she runs out the door each day, and they all needed to be able to see if the kids’ favorite foods were running low.

During her consultation we were able to learn what her goals were for the space, so we were able to buy all the supplies we needed before we arrived to complete the job. We got a few baskets and bins, but then reused a few of the supplies she already had in the pantry.

When we were done, her favorite part of the whole project was how we used the Mason jars we had found. She loved the idea of using Mason jars for storage and had a bunch of them in not being used in other areas of her kitchen. We collected and washed them all, then filled them with nuts, candy, and other small snack foods that can be poured in to small bowls to enjoy.

This project took about 6 hours from start to finish, including time shopping for materials.

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