Organizing During Probate

March 25th, 2017 | By Amanda Thomas

We were recently contacted by an executor of an estate in Tempe. The family of the deceased all lived out of state, and they needed help from a local company to clean out all the personal property from the home. We were happy to be their local boots on the ground.

Because everything in the home was part of an estate, the first thing we had to do was provide documentation of each and every item that was in the home. This way the family could decide if each item should be donated, sold, or kept for someone in the family.

This was a tedious process, with multiple hours spent photographing items and uploading to a file the family could look through.

Once we received a decision on what to do with each item, we then created staging areas in the home. One area was for items that were to be donated and another for items that were to be shipped to the family.


We worked day and night on this job, and luckily the executor and family were able to provide us with quick decisions on what to do with the items. At the end of our two weeks in this home, the entire home was cleaned out and ready to put on the market.

Probate is a stressful time for families, especially when most of the family lives out of state. By hiring our company to clean out the home, this family was able to get through the entire estate organized, documented, and cleaned out in about 2 weeks’ time.

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