Household and Personal Assistant Services

We take care of the details so you can focus on the more important things in life

The Moxie Difference


From a dirty pile on the floor, to clean clothes put away in an organized closet. Hand off as much or as little of your laundry routine to keep your closets neat and tidy.


Love cooking, but hate the cleanup? Moxie Girl can provide dish cleaning and kitchen tidying services during events, after holidays, or on a daily or weekly basis.

Errand Running

Dry cleaning to pick up? Returns to go to the mall? Packages to be mailed? Let Moxie Girl take care of all those little tasks that can add up to big stress.


Do you feel like you’re constantly picking up around your home? Let Moxie Girl take on the tidying so you can relax when you step in the door.

Grocery and Essentials

Bare cupboards. Empty shampoo bottles. Not on our clock. Make sure your favorite food and home essentials are there when you want them when Moxie Girl takes inventory and stocks your home .

Contractor Management

Whether you need to fire your landscaper, hire a window cleaner, or make sure your pool guy is doing what he says he’s doing, Moxie Girl can help you manage other contractors to keep your home running.

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