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Vacation Rental Homes Only!

December 1st, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno

You may know by now that Moxie Girl has made vacation rental home care our main focus.  And we should clarify, when we say “vacation rental homes” we mean homes with a short-term rental of anywhere from a day to several weeks. Alas, it’s true…Moxie Girl no longer services 30-day+ rentals.


Well, it’s that focus we mentioned earlier…With our extensive experience in the vacation rental home business, we know exactly what it takes to be able to promise our clients SAME DAY service if necessary.

We also have very high standards regarding that service. Moxie Girl wants your vacation rental home the best it can be for each and every guest. By limiting our vacation rental service to short-term (as in, less than 30 day) properties, we can properly set our team schedules, allowing us to deliver what we promise.

Emily Morter

The Special Needs of 30-day+ Rental Properties

30-day+ rental properties are different from what we consider vacation rental homes first and foremost in that the rental terms almost always start on the 1st of the month and end on the last day of the month.

Also, guests usually spend at least a month in a 30-day+ rental property. “Well, duh,” you may say, but consider that folks tend to get really comfy after about day 3 and this leads to the need for a much deeper clean than a 2 or 3 day stay would require. (Many vacation rental homeowners limit the number of nights in a stay for this very reason – it IS  a thing.)

So, basically, you’ve got at least a “semi” deep clean AND a same day/overnight turn since there’s another 30-day renter waiting to get in on the first.


We Keep Our Promises

One of the most important promises we make to our vacation rental clients is that they can count on Moxie Girl to accommodate their bookings – even if that means a same day turn. With The Valley’s booming vacation rental industry, same day turns happen a lot – and it’s not unusual for Moxie Girl to have multiple “same-days” on our calendar on the first AND last days of any given month.

Sure, another company might contract a team of “extras” to handle the overflow at the beginning and end of the month and try to squeeze in those 30-day+ rentals, too, but that’s just not how Moxie Girl works. We prefer to use only our own meticulously selected and professionally trained team members to meet the goals and high standards we’ve set for ourselves. (We’re also very picky about the cleaning products we use, but that’s a whole other story.)


That Being Said…

A few months ago, when we initially announced our shift of focus to vacation rental care, we introduced you to our friends at Going Greenhouse for all your residential cleaning needs.  (Fun blog – read it HERE!) Since 30-day+ rentals require attention more similar to a residence, Going Greenhouse may be your answer – please give them a call and tell them Moxie Girl sent you!

Back to Our Focus, Vacation Rental Home Care

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