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Moxie Girl Spotlight:  Meet Cat, Our Queen of Bed-Making!

September 18th, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno

Moxie Girl knows that one of our biggest assets is our outstanding team – and we look for a whole lot of, well, MOXIE when adding to it! In the first of a series, we are shining our spotlight on our Moxie, Cat.

Catherine, Cat for short, joined the Moxie Girl team in May of 2017 and quickly began showing off her propensity for bed-making.  With her “hospital corners”, pillows fluffed to dreamy perfection and an eye for eye-catching designs, Cat doesn’t just ‘make a bed’ – she creates a comfy and inviting work of domestic art!

I recently had an opportunity to catch up with Cat and get a little more insight into our own Queen of Bed-Making…


Moxie Girl:  Other than your passion for bed-making, what should we know about you?

Cat: I am humanist, born and raised in Arizona and currently studying psychology & philosophy. 


MG: Have you always been what some people might call “obsessed” with bed-making perfection?

Cat: Working for Moxie Girl has definitely enabled and encouraged my “obsession for bed making perfection”. I have always appreciated a beautiful bed, but was not always able to put one together.

MG: Who first taught you to make a bed? Does this fascination with bed-making run in your family?

Cat: I don’t remember if my parents taught me how to make a bed or if I taught myself… However, I was professionally trained on how to make a bed at Moxie Girl by Wendy. Neither of my parents are obsessed with beds but I do have a few obsessive bed-making aunties. 


MG: Do you make your own bed every day? Do you take the time to get fancy with it?

Cat: I like to make my bed every day!  It just makes me feel like I’ve got life figured out. BUT the only time I really make my bed is when I first lay fresh sheets. 

MG: What’s your favorite source of inspiration for creative bed dressing? What is your current favorite look or design?

Cat: I love to look on Pinterest for different ways to make beds. Nothing beats a big white fluffy bed. I consider my style minimal and simplistic! 

MG: I happen to know you’re also an expert at folding sheets.  Is there a task that frustrates you to the same degree most people get frustrated by attempting to neatly fold a fitted sheet?

Cat: I cannot bear ironing! I hate ironing dress clothes. I am simply just not good at it!


MG: What do you feel are the three most important qualities of a Moxie Girl?

Cat: Kindness, grit and playfulness.

MG: What is YOUR favorite thing about being a Moxie Girl?

Cat: My favorite thing about being a Moxie girl is getting to learn new things from all of the angles of the business, whether it’s learning how to market and network or learning new ways to make a room beautiful.

All beds above made by Catherine!

Awwww…Cat, you make any room more beautiful just by being in it!

In addition to keeping our Moxie Girls (and boys!) motivated and engaged in providing our clients with excellent service, we also strive to support and encourage our Moxies in their professional – and personal – goals!

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