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Adding Some Extra Pizzaz For Your Phoenix Vacation Rental Home

July 16th, 2020 | By Claudia Moreno

When decorating your vacation rental home you don’t want to do too little and you definitely don’t want to go overboard. When you don’t add those special touches to your vacation rental it can make your home feel a little less inviting. Now, when you add too much decor to your home it can feel cluttered and also allow for more dust to be collected on the little unnecessary decorations. It can be a challenge to find that perfect balance in your vacation rental home that makes your guests feel at home and welcomes them into your space. So where do you start? 


Function and Feeling 


You’ll want to start by deciding what kind of function you are wanting your home to have for guests and what kind of feeling you are going for. You could decide every room has a different theme in the house or that the entire house follows one theme. Have fun with your decorating journey and plan out your space before going on a decor shopping rampage! 

Stay Neutral 


Unless you have a certain theme in your home you are going for like a 90’s or retro theme, try to stay neutral! Staying neutral in your colors will help things last with the changing times and will be easier to redecorate when needed or when styles change. Stick with just a few colors but in varying shades that all work well together, just keep it simple. Now if you’re going with a 70’s retro-themed vacation rental this tip won’t really apply to you, but your decorating journey will still be a blast! 

Lighting & other fixtures


This can be a fun part of decorating your vacation rental property! You can stick with basic lighting or add a fun touch with a cute lamp or different light fixtures. Just make sure the light bulbs you choose throughout your house are cohesive if you have yellow lighting try to keep it like that throughout the house or things and start to look a little funky. Lamps are a great addition to the living room and bedroom spaces to add that cozy feeling a home can offer. If you decide to change the fixtures in your house try to keep them all one color, you don’t want some gold fixtures, some black and some silver throughout the entire house. 

Additional Items 


Have fun with this part, but not too much fun. Adding little decor items is where a lot of us can go overboard because there are just so many cute options out there. The last thing you want in your home is to have too many things that make guests feel overwhelmed and cluttered. Baskets with blankets by the beds or couches are a fun way to add a little extra something to your home. Chunky throws can add that texture you may be missing in your home. Switch out those boring old bar stools for something a little different than you might be used to, you’ll be surprised at how one item can really transform a space! Natural wood items are a great touch to those neutral spaces as well as adding greenery. Adding greenery can really bring a space to life! 

Remember this is still your space and you get to decide how you want to make it, but you are renting it out to guests and want to make them feel comfortable and at home, in your space while they are visiting. Have fun with it, take your time and plan it out. Remember to save all your receipts when buying items juts in case they don’t flow in the home like you thought they would.

Just getting started in your journey as a vacation rental owner? Give Moxie Girl a call today to see how we can help you get things up and running smoothly so you can start renting your space out as soon as possible!