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The Illusion of Clean

August 31st, 2015 | By Claudia Moreno

The Illusion of Clean

Do you clean your house every day? I’m guessing most of us don’t.

The many things on our list vying for attention: work, school, activities, personal time- to name a few- usually trump housework.

Even if Hazel the housekeeper doesn’t knock at the door at 9AM daily, your house doesn’t have to be a nasty mess. You can FAKE your way to a clean house, and no one will ever know that you didn’t have time to clean this week!

Here are 4 things, which, if done on a regular basis, will give your house a clean appearance. Added perk? These things will also make the real cleaning day a breeze!

Tip # 1 – Everyone Makes Their Bed!

Whether you are thorough and careful, or just pull up the covers and toss and place the pillows, the bedrooms will feel tidy. Tidy bedsbedroom give incentive to put away shoes, toss stray dirties in the hamper and will likely help push you toward tidying the rest of the house.




Tip # 2 – The 5-Minute Pick-Up!

Do things seem to grow legs and wander around your home?

You know; shoes under the breakfast bar, purses on the coffee table, and random dishes at your desk? The busier the day, the more stuff wanders, creating clutter everywhere.

Create the illusion of clean in 5 minutes a day. Immediately after dinner each night, set a 5 minute timer, give every member of the house a basket and have them circle the entire house picking up their belongings.

When time is up, give a hearty congratulations to everyone and maybe even a treat! Even if you live alone, establish this habit over 30 days, and your evening clean-up time will become routine.

Tip # 3 – Do the Dishes & Clean Kitchen Counters!

A commitment to keep kitchen counters and sinks free of dirty dishes is huge in the appearance of a clean home! Load and run your dishwasher nightly to get dishes out of sight. Wash pots and pans and air-dry them on a counter mat. In the morning, spend 5 minutes to put everything away. grey kitchen



Keep papers from accumulating by having a designated basket, and have a supply drawer with containers for pens, paper clips, rubber bands, etc., to keep minutia at bay.


Tip # 4 – Clean the Bathroom Counter!

Knowing you plan to “use all this stuff daily” can tempt you to leave a mess on bathroom counters. Taking 90 seconds each morning to throw combs and brushes in the drawer, put toothpaste and brushes in a designated cup, and stash all your makeup, hairspray, and styling tools in baskets under the sink, will go miles on the trek to a tidy-looking bathroom! Quickly wipe the counter and mirror before throwing your towel in the hamper, and voila’! Clean! bathroom counter




Sure it would be nice to have a spotlessly clean house 24/7, but The Illusion of Clean is the next best thing to a live-In maid! Don’t you agree?!


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