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Let’s Celebrate Labor Day!

September 1st, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

A (Very) Brief History of Labor Day


Many of us are conditioned to know we get the day off, but what IS Labor Day, anyway? According to the official U.S. Department of Labor website, Labor Day has been celebrated as a National holiday each first Monday in September, since 1894! Labor Day is the creation of the labor movement and is intended to be an annual tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Labor unions, which first appeared in the late 18th century, grew prominent and vocal, organizing strikes and rallies to protest the horrific working conditions which existed for both adults and children at the height of the Industrial Revolution. Unfortunately, many of these events turned violent, but the protests DID lead to change and for that, we can all be thankful to those who fought.


Labor Day, aka The End of Summer


Living in Phoenix the thermometer clearly tells us that summer’s end is NOT Labor Day, but we’ll still celebrate of course! Labor Day has become synonymous with swim parties and barbeques with family and friends – even long-weekend road-trips! 


And those road-trippers will need places to stay…we’re looking at you, vacation rental homeowners! Increase your chances of picking up those end-of-summer bookings – check out our Moxie blog, “Road Trips and Your Vacation Rental Home”!



If you happen to be on the planning end of a Labor Day party, Moxie Girl is here to help with our “Fun and Functional Summer Party Tips” blog, too!




Join Our “Labor Party”


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Need a Moxie?

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Celebrating Independence with Moxie Girl

July 4th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

Independence can mean different things to many people. In the context of the vacation rental home industry in the Phoenix area, Moxie Girl may just be the key to your independence. Moxie Girl is the leader in the care of vacation rental properties throughout The Valley!

Own a Vacation Rental in the Phoenix Metro Area?


Vacation rental homeowners all over the greater Phoenix area have already discovered how much easier their lives can by putting the Moxie Girl team in charge of their between-guest turns. Imagine not ever having to worry that your vacation rental isn’t guest-ready when it needs to be! 


Our team of confident Moxies takes care of everything when it comes to ensuring your guests arrive at a sparkling clean, pleasantly staged and well-stocked vacation rental home! Moxie Girl also alerts our clients immediately if we discover damage or theft in your vacation rental home, giving you independence in the form of peace of mind.

No vacation rental home is too big or too small for Moxie Girl – we service everything from 1 bd/1 bath condos to vacation rental homes that sleep over 20 people. Moxie Girl is locally owned and operated (check out the AZ Central piece on Moxie Girl founder, Amanda Thomas, here) too! Find out how Moxie Girl can be YOUR vacation rental specialist – just click for a FREE CONSULTATION!

See Yourself as a Vacation Rental Assistant?


Moxie Girl is always searching for another fantastic member to join our team of vacation rental specialists. Moxie Girls (and Boys!) enjoy working independently as well as being part of a supportive team.  Moxies also enjoy paid training, flexible scheduling and plenty of opportunity for growth – and all the tools and supplies necessary to do the job!


Interested? Moxie Girl would love to hear from you – CLICK HERE and tell us about yourself!


Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your independence!   




Moxie Spotlight: Meet Randi, our Holistic Helper

October 23rd, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno



A short while ago, we introduced you to Moxie Cat, our “Queen of Bed-Making”  in our first ever Moxie Spotlight feature. Today we’d like to meet you Moxie Randi, our holistic helper!


Moxie Girl takes pride in growing our team. We also take pride in helping our team members grow, both as Moxies and as individuals with personal goals. Randi is a shining example of the great things that can happen in the mutually supportive work environment Moxie offers. 


Learning and Earning


When Randi came to Moxie Girl in early 2017, she was looking for a job with the flexibility to accommodate her school schedule at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, where she studies western herbalism and holistic nutrition. Randi had worked at a gym cleaning equipment, locker rooms, showers – basically the entire gym, every workday.

Thanks to Moxie Girl’s flexible scheduling Randi was able to work nearly full-time while attending classes. She also learned she enjoyed cleaning more than she thought she did. According to Randi, “Cleaning a gym is DISGUSTING, so the thought of cleaning people’s houses seems like nothing to me. “


Building a Business – On the Job Training


A lot can happen in a year and a half! As Moxie Girl’s needs evolved, unexpected opportunities presented themselves to Randi. While Randi made plans to build her own business, Moxie Girl recognized that utilizing her eagerness to learn about business could be mutually beneficial! As a result, Randi has been at the core of the Moxie Girl marketing team since its inception earlier this year.


With graduation right around the corner, Randi is poised to launch her own business, where her ever-expanding knowledge of social media platforms from a business standpoint will definitely give her an edge and marketing her own line of products.


Moxie Girl-We are 100% Human


Moxie Girl has set some challenging goals for our business and we count on our team members sharing our goals and working to accomplish them. Recognizing that our team members have lives beyond their roles at Moxie doesn’t make us unique, but truly sharing in and supporting those lives does. Randi credits Moxie Girl with not only giving her some excellent, real-world preparation for operating her own business but also with getting her through some very tough times personally. 


For Randi, this year began with the news of the suicide of a good friend. Just one month later, Randi was confronted with more bad news…A dear friend had been lost at sea. Several days later when Rand was notified that “the body was found” her heart sank.


“I didn’t want to feel anything anymore, but every time I got to the point of completely giving up, Brea or Amanda would say or do something that would make me feel like everything would be okay. I miss my friends every day and still have ‘bad days’ all the time, but I always know that no matter what is going on in my life, I can still go to someone on the Moxie team and know everything will be alright – even when it feels like it’s all crumbled at my feet.”

Ready for Success

Randi will complete her degree in January 2019 and is busily preparing to launch her own business. Moxie Girl has become Randi’s “side gig” now. “I am a holistic practitioner looking to help people live their best lives,” says Randi. “My goal is to help people with any health issues they may have – using herbal remedies as well as different health and life suggestions. I eventually want to branch out into the marijuana industry and open up my own apothecary with a dispensary attached to it so people can get all the herbs in one place! I want to be able to educate people on the use of herbal remedies and marijuana as well as teach people about plant synergy between many different herbs. In my dream shop, I want to carry edibles that include marijuana and other herbs that work well with THC and CBD to create a unique healing experience. My life goal, however, is to teach families about growing their own food and help them set up community gardens. I believe if you have that security of knowing you will always have something to eat makes life just a little less stressful. This project will be to honor my grandfather who operated several farms and loved playing in the dirt with me!” 


Moxie Girl wishes Randi all the best in her personal business and we look forward to her continued contributions to the Moxie Girl team! Check out Randi’s new website, her Etsy shop as well as her Instagram to stay up to date with her! 

What Are You Doing with YOUR Life? 


Moxie Girl is always looking for motivated individuals to join us in achieving our goals. Moxies range from college students to moms with school-age kids, grandmas to artists. And don’t let our name fool you, we love our Moxie “boys” too!


With our professional paid training, flexible scheduling and all supplies included, Moxie Girl offers an excellent opportunity to thrive. Think you’ve got what it takes to join our team? Moxie Girl is expanding and we’d love to have you grow with us