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Dealing with Rule-Breaking Guests

January 5th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

We’ve all had the experience of dealing with rule-breakers in our lives now and again – and it’s almost never pleasant. As a vacation rental home owner, rule-breakers can ruin your property – or at the very least, your schedule.

Moxie Girl founder, Amanda Thomas, recently had the opportunity to sit down with a local pro in the business of vacation rental property management to find out what types of rules are typically broken by guests – and how to best protect yourself and your property.

Amanda Thomas-Moxie Girl: I am here with Meredith Willis of Arizona Getaways. She is one of the property managers that we work with doing vacation rental property management.

We’ve been working with you for about a year and so we have gone through a few different surprise situations with you, and I thought we could just get some tips from you on how you handle some of the surprises that come up as a property manager for vacation rentals. So talk to me about what are some of the surprises you’ve run into?

Meredith Willis-Arizona Getaways: Yeah, lots of surprises along the way in the probably three years of doing this. But definitely guests breaking house rules so any rules that we set, that’s always a surprise. For example no smoking, or no pets or even check-in or check-out problems such as guests not checking out on time – possibly disrupting the next check-in.

So, I guess the best way to handle them is to be preventative as much as possible, like clearly posting your rules. Signs, even check out signs saying, ‘Reminder check out is 11 AM’ or 10 AM whatever time it may be. We always like to send a reminder text before guests check out saying ‘Hi, we hope everything is going well – just a reminder check out is at 11am.’ You can also charge a late check-out fee, too, and make incentives for guests to leave on time. Of course, clear communication is always great. You can make arrangements for a planned late check out, for example. So that way you don’t have a rush with the next incoming guest. That is a great way to avoid that specific problem.

AT: Let me ask, from a customer service point of view, I remember there was one time when we showed up at one of your units and the guest said ‘No, I leave tomorrow.’ How did you handle that from the back end with that guest?

MW: And that’s another example of something you want to prevent with clear communication. So we had to first of all clarify that, indeed, he was supposed to check out that day. And then we just try to be as polite as possible, because it was a mix-up. I think we got in there and just started cleaning around him, politely. But, he was very slow and kind of taking his time to leave. And we did have another check in that day, I think. So, you’ve just got to do your best and kind of work together with… You guys are great to work with, with your flexibility! And working with the guests-you just try to do your best.

AT: So, it has been a learning experience. Yeah, I think we have all learned in this industry, to expect the unexpected!

Pssst – Take a break right here and think about you operated your own vacation rental property…Have you had any problems with guests not following your house rules? If not, you’re either extremely lucky (hooray and go buy a lottery ticket!), or you’re already making your policies clear to your guests (hooray and very smart!). It’s always a good idea to review your rental platform listings just to be sure everything is as clear, precise and correct as it can be, especially when it comes to rules!

AT: We are back with Meredith Willis of Arizona Getaways, property manager for vacation rentals. They have their own properties they work with that are super cute in the Mesa and Tempe area. We love working with them. They have been doing this for about three years. So we thought we would ask Meredith, what are some of the red flags that you look for in terms of reservations or requests coming in? Like, how do you know if a guest is going to be a good guest or not?

MW: Whenever we get an inquiry or a reservation request, we always like to check out the guest profile and make sure they have good reviews, make sure they have some sort of feedback and verification. Like verified email, verified phone number, and then we also like to add another layer of protection and require that they have a government ID on file. And if all looks good and they do have reviews and prior references, then we feel comfortable.

If not, we like to look a little further and see where they are from. We find if they are local, it’s a little suspicious as to why they need a place, so we will ask them, you know, ‘what brings you to our rental?’ and find out more information.

AT: Yeah, same day arrivals make sense if it is a road trip coming across the country or you know, it doesn’t make as much sense if it’s somebody who lives in Scottsdale who is wanting to stay at your place tonight.

MW: Right. We use Instant Book and you can always cancel reservations, no penalty, after the fact, if you are not comfortable. And by doing that potentially preserves your house.

AT: Yeah, that’s a really good point that I think a lot of people don’t understand when they start using AirBNB is that a reservation comes in through Instant Book,,,Well, first of all how important Instant Book is-it really bumps you up in the ratings! So you want to use it, but then if you get somebody who is not up to your standards, or you’re cautious about them, there’s just something that doesn’t seem right, you can talk with Airbnb and get that cancelled.

MW: Exactly. Yeah, listen to your gut instincts, because as a host you will kind of have that little nagging voice saying ‘maybe this wasn’t the best reservation.’ And follow through with that, because another one will probably come along that is a better fit for your property.

AT: Yeah, I love that. Well thank you for that tip and thanks for sharing!

MW:  You’re very welcome!

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