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Match Made In Heaven-Part II

February 12th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

It’s still February and love is STILL in the air (it’s smelling more like roses and chocolate now though.) In our blog “Match Made in Heaven – Part I” we let you in on our “Pro-Mance”…that is our professional romance with our clients. Moxie Girl knows that relationship wouldn’t be possible without our OTHER match made in heaven – the whole Moxie Girl team!

Our Mutual Loves

Moxie Girl likes to think of itself as a family. I know lots of companies say that (and some even mean it!) We do, too, but we’d like to think we have a cooler version…where you actually WANT to spend time with EVERYONE. And everything is pink.

Our tribe is diverse, but Moxies tend to share some common qualities. First, we tend to be “get shizz done” kind of people – and that means we love being part of a GSD team. And while we love being part of a team, we also tend to “like our space.” There’s a lot going on in these pretty heads of ours, and cleaning “solo” can be very meditative! We also share core values and work ethics with a focus on continuous improvement, not only to ourselves but to our team.

Why Our Moxies Love Us

The nature of our business – caring for vacation rental homes – allows for flexible job scheduling. And this flexibility can accommodate a wide range of real-life situations such as school, other jobs and family obligations.

Whether you’re new to professional cleaning or have cleaned before, Moxie Girl offers paid training in our current best practices and provides you with all the tools and supplies you’ll need – plus some soft and snazzy Moxie Girl tees to wear on the job!

As a rapidly growing company, Moxie Girl can be full of opportunities for you to learn new skills – and develop existing ones! Moxies come from all types of backgrounds, so we are always anxious to hear about any special talents you may have and how we might help to grow them!

Above all, Moxie Girl prides itself on creating and maintaining a supportive environment for our family. We want our Moxies team as a whole to be successful and we realize we need successful individuals to accomplish that.

The Key(s) to Our Heart

What makes us fall in love with our next Moxie, you ask? A prerequisite of course is that you share our common qualities listed above. We’re just picky that way.

Beyond that, we LOVE a great sense of humor! And can you stay positive (and keep that sense of humor) in the face of last-minute or unexpected events? We LOVE that, too.

Moxie Girl also has “a thing” for great communicators – not only in necessary on-the-job reporting, but also in sharing your ideas about how you feel we can do a better job and be an even better team!

Your Idea of a Match Made in Heaven?

Moxie Girl is always open to growing our family! If we sound like a match made in heaven for you, CLICK HERE to apply! – we’d LOVE to hear from you!