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Coming Soon:  The Busiest Vacation Rental Season Yet!

October 2nd, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno


Moxie Girl saw our busiest spring season ever in 2018 and with the Phoenix area growing in popularity as a vacation destination, we expect 2019 to be HUGE!

Read on to find out how to better prepare yourself and your vacation rental home to maximize bookings and profitability for the coming spring.


Mark Your Calendars!

Events such as the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament and the Cactus League spring training games draw thousands of visitors to the Phoenix area each year and 2019 should be no exception. The Phoenix Open runs from January 28th to February 3rd. Spring training dates for 2019 aren’t scheduled as of this writing, but if we have to “ballpark” it (see what we did there?) Moxie Girl says plan for the last week of February through the first few days in April, for now.


Also, the month of March – ALL of it – seems to be the most popular month for vacationing in Phoenix – and it’s no wonder since our weather is usually perfect!

Review your vacation rental home rates for all spring dates, NOW. Lodging rates during these high-traffic months can be 2 1/2 to 3 times higher than summer months, so do a little comparison shopping for vacation rental and hotel rates in your area to determine what you should be charging and update your rental calendar accordingly.


Accentuate Your Positives!

If your property listing could use a little punching up, spring is a great time for doing just that! Does your property boast a swimming pool or a spa? If so, be sure to highlight those features in your listings. Some updated photos may be in order, especially if you’ve made any improvements or decorative changes to your vacation rental home. Show it off!


Accurate and appealing descriptions are always a must – and don’t forget to stress the desirability of your vacation rental home(s) location!  Many guests are willing to pay more to enjoy the convenience of being within walking distance or a short Uber ride to event venues.

Shut Up Liver, You’re Fine!

Vacation rental homeowners beware; alcohol is likely to play a huge part in guest activities in the first quarter of the year – it seems to be a tradition. Unfortunately, alcohol consumption has a bad habit of increasing the chance of mishaps during your guests stay. Now is the time to do a thorough walk-through of your vacation rental property, take care of any maintenance issues and remove any decorative items which may be easily broken or are not-so-easily cleaned.


Moxie Girl has walked in to ‘party aftermath’ on cleaning day enough times to know that you don’t want to waste any time checking the condition of your vacation rental home after your guests depart. It’s important to remember, too, that most vacation rental home platforms have a limited window for you to charge your guests for any damages that may have occurred, so time is certainly of the essence!


While there may be many reasons for unanticipated late checkouts, alcohol consumption will probably also be to blame for at least a few during the spring season. Be sure your policies regarding the use of your property as well as fees for damage and late checkouts are clearly stated and understood by your guests. You may also want to consider increasing the deposit you require on your vacation rental property during this time.


Bro Bashes


We’re not saying females can’t be messy – or unruly – but as the old saying goes, “Boys will be boys.” With spring weddings so popular in the Phoenix area, you may notice an increase in the booking of bachelor party stays, especially if you vacation rental home is in a prime nightlife spot (think Old Town Scottsdale, ASU Tempe, and downtown Phoenix.)


It’s been Moxie Girl’s experience that if anything is going to get broken or thrown up on, it’s like to happen during a “Bro Bash.” So plan to get in there quickly after checkout and schedule a little extra time for cleaning if possible, just in case!


Talking Trash


As you might imagine all this spring partying tends to create mountains of trash and even bigger mountains of recyclables. Expect a lot of empty bottles, cans, and cartons during this time. Clearly labeling your recycle bins – indoor and outdoor – with the specifics of your vacation rental homes recycling service will make it easier for your guests to properly dispose of their refuse and keep you out of trouble with your service provider. Know your scheduled pick-up days and make sure your bins are out on time!



So, try to ignore the heat for now and get busy with planning for a busy and profitable 2019 spring season! From set-up to clean-up, Moxie Girl is an expert in caring for vacation rental homes throughout the Phoenix area. Check out our other blogs for more great tips on preparing and maintaining your vacation rental property. If you’d rather enjoy more of your free time than be bothered with all these details, give us a call! Moxie Girl would love to be YOUR vacation rental home specialist, too!