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Moxie Girl Gives Back

August 14th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

In an effort to give back to our community, Moxie Girl, the Valley’s Vacation Rental Specialists, recently organized a shoe drive to benefit Esperanza Prep. The school, located in Tempe, Arizona, offers a complete circle of care model to about 180 students, according to its Facebook page .


Esperanza Prep helps provide kids in need with necessities such as clothes, shoes and personal hygiene items – even a place to do their laundry – with the belief that if basic needs are met, these kids are able to focus more thoroughly on learning.

The Moxie Girl team began collecting new and gently-worn shoes at the beginning of June, and were able to deliver 68 pairs to Esperanza Prep by mid-July, just in time to help students and their families get back-to-school ready!

Esperanza’s complete circle of care model also includes a food pantry, counseling services, and medical and dental care, so there are plenty of ways to donate to their cause and help dramatically increase these students chances of a successful school year.

Amanda & Catherine delivering dry goods for Esperanza prep food drive.

Check out the Maricopa County Regional School District website for more details about the services Esperanza provides!


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Moxie Saves the Holiday Weekend at Paradise Valley Vacation Rental!

May 28th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

Moxie Girl is always thrilled that you love our services and recommend us to your family, friends, and associates!

We received a call recently from a friend telling us she had recommended Moxie to a friend of hers who was converting his Paradise Valley home to a vacation rental and may need our help stocking the home for guests. As it turned out, he REALLY needed help!

We got a call at 11 am from the property owner and found out that the “cart” was actually well ahead of the “horses.” The owner had already booked the home for the holiday weekend and there were five guys on their way – TODAY!

Moxie to the Rescue!

Moxie Girl founder, Amanda Thomas, rose to the challenge and went to the home immediately for a walk-through.  Although the homeowner had pillaged a few scant items from his other properties, the house still needed, oh…just about EVERYTHING!

Making her long list of “must-haves” based on her vast experience in the vacation rental industry, Amanda told the owner she’d be back in a few hours with everything he’d need.  Have you ever really thought about the things you might need to use in the course of even a weekend? Here’s a partial list of what was purchased that day:

Kitchen – Cookware, dishes, drinkware, utensils, coffee maker, toaster, knives, dish towels, hot pads

Bathrooms – Towels, bathmats, toilet paper, wastebaskets, plungers

Basic Necessities – Hand soap, paper towels, tissues, trash bags, CORKSCREW (Gasp! Imagine settling in and not being able to open the wine!)

Done and Done!

Like a pink tornado, Amanda was off, scooping up all the items on her list and was back to the home, unpacked and made the vacation rental guest-ready by 4 pm!  Just in time for the guys to start enjoying the holiday weekend!

While we don’t encourage waiting until the very last minute to stock your vacation rental home, you can be confident that with our extensive vacation rental know-how, Moxie Girl is always the best choice, no matter when you call! Click for a FREE CONSULTATION!