Unpacking a New Home in Mesa

June 20th, 2017 | By Amanda Thomas

Buying a new house is fun. Moving is not… especially when you have kids and want to get them settled back in their routines. That’s exactly why a woman in Mesa called us last week.

The client and her husband had hired movers to get everything from one house to the other, but when they saw all the boxes that needed to be unpacked, they got overwhelmed. Plus, the new home doesn’t have upper cabinets, so they were struggling to envision where they were going to store everything.


Our Moxie was at the home for less than 3 hours and got the entire kitchen unpacked and ready to use. The first hour of the appointment was dedicated to helping the client vision and plan how everything would be laid out, then the rest of the time was spent unpacking boxes and putting everything away.

Check out the Before and After shots!


At the end of the visit, the client said, “I’m embarrassed to say that I stood in the kitchen for 2 hours last night trying to figure out where to start. I can’t believe you just got everything put away in less than 3 hours!” The relief showed on her face!

If you know someone who is moving this summer, let them know there’s help! Through August 11th, our unpacking services are on special.

Four hours of Moxie Girl unpacking and moving services are just $149, making it a practical add on to hiring movers or the perfect housewarming gift.