Details From The Designer

March 29th, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno

Have you ever had someone on a team that people rave about? Now, all our Moxie are pretty dang spectacular at what they do, but Megan is wanted at a handful of our clients houses. Her eye for detail and the amount of care that goes into a home she is working at is amazing and people really do notice a difference. Her clients love her and so do we!

Megan is a detail oriented and caring moxie with an eye for design. She treats every client with respect and makes sure they get the service they deserve. She is very organized and likes to be on time and precise. She is quite, but I can see the energy she has. This positive woman has brought a different perspective of clean to our moxie team!

Megan and Destiny work together to make this kitchen sparkle!

Designer Eyes

There is a reason one designer is different than the other, they see things differently.  Megan H. is no different when it comes down to the details and studying interior design for a future career probably helps see things differently in a home that someone else might not. The little things are what matter the most to Megan from built up soap gunk on the bathroom or

kitchen soap to the way the pillows are fluffed and set on a couch. Those details are important to Megan and she believes that some things really pull a room together and make it complete, like a made bed, fluffed pillows on a couch, and even cracked curtains to let some sunshine in.

Thinking about those things don’t always matter to some clients but to others its the difference from a clean house and a dirty house. We make sure that Megan is paired up with clients that would make sense to the way she works. We wouldn’t want to send Megan to a house where she leaves feeling unfinished because she doesn’t get to add her touch of details. We make sure the clients she is set up with are detail oriented like her because she gets to do what she does best.

Understanding the Client

Sometimes we have to send Megan to a home that may not be the best fit for her but we know she is still going to blow them out of the water with her work. She understands people and is able to “read” them in a sense in order to match the house to the person. I’m sure as an interior designer that is an outstanding skill to have because people may say they want one thing when in reality they want something completely different. She can’t actually read minds but she may know what you want better than you do.

Megan is making the floors shine and lookin good while doing it.

Megan has brought a lot of skill and knowledge to the table and we have also helped her hone in on her skills and put them to practice for her future career as an interior designer. She has learned a lot about people, organizing, staging and much more with Moxie. We hope when she does become the best interior designer in the state she will recommend moxie to her clients.


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