Do Moxie Girls speak English?

Yep! Every single one of us.

Why should I use Moxie Girl instead of someone I found in the classifieds or my neighbors best friend?

Hiring Moxie Girl provides you with security that an individual cannot. We screen all our team members, complete background and reference checks, and verify team members are all eligible to work in the US. Plus, we don’t bring someone in to our company unless we’re comfortable having them in our own home.

How many people typically will be at my home for service?

For many homes there is 1 Moxie Girl to take care of the service. If we are working in a tighter time frame, we may send 2 or 3 to get the job done.

Will I always have the same person assisting me?

While we would love to promise that you’ll always have the same person working in your home, we have humans working for us. That’s why we train at least 2 people in your home for the cases of illness, vacations, or other unavailability. We also hire goal-oriented people, many of whom are going to school, so we do everything we can to make the transition to a new Moxie as seamless as possible.

Who will actually take care of my service?

Moxie Girl hires employees for all services we provide. We train our team to provide excellent service and continually strive to meet your expectations. Occasionally we use a self-employed contractor if we have more work coming in than our team can handle, but that is a rare occurrence.

Why doesn’t Moxie Girl offer other services like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.?

Some other services require specialized tools, equipment, and special training required to operate. We have found that it is more cost-effective for both Moxie Girl and our clients if we refer these services out to local professionals who are experts in these fields. If you need any of these services completed please ask as we have many contacts that we can pass your way.

Will you watch my kids?

While we love kids, unfortunately, our insurance company does not want us responsible for them. Those insurance companies have to ruin all the fun don’t they?

Can you take my mother to her doctors appointments?

Again, our insurance company will not let us take any persons in our cars.

How often do I need service?

Everyone has different needs and budgets, so the frequency of your service is entirely up to you. Some clients use us a few times a week, some use us for a single project, and others use us.

When do I pay?

To reserve an appointment, we require a non-refundable deposit (amount depends on service). For ongoing clients, we bill on Mondays for services completed the previous Monday to Sunday period. For one time jobs, we may bill immediately after service is complete.

How can I pay?

To keep things easy, we keep payment information on file for our clients. EFT or credit/debit cards are preferred, or you can pay cash/check in advance.

Are there any contract terms?

Nope! If we aren’t making your life easier, you should be able to switch at any time.

Why do your prices seem to be higher than what I have seen in classifieds or talking to my neighbor?

We understand price is an important factor in your decision, however, when comparing prices be sure and compare apples to apples. Some reasons why prices may be a little higher include the following:

  • Moxie Girl pays all taxes on our team (YOU aren’t responsible for them)
  • Moxie Girl provides Worker’s Compensation Insurance to our team (YOU aren’t responsible if one of our team members gets hurt in your home)
  • Moxie Girl is insured (YOU aren’t responsible if one of our team members breaks something in your home)
  • Moxie Girl is bonded (YOU aren’t responsible if one of our team members steals something from your home. PS – It’s never happened!)
  • Moxie Girl trains all our team members (YOU don’t have to give feedback directly to your assistant unless you want to)
Does Moxie Girl have a cancellation policy?

Yes, if you cancel within 24 hours of your service you’ll be charged $50. This allows us to pay our employees who were holding their time (and counting on the income) for that visit.

Do I need to provide my own supplies?

We carry most supplies with us to get the services done, but do ask that our clients provide their own vacuums, mops, and toilet brushes. Those items can carry icky things, so we don’t want to contaminate your home with other people’s germs and more…

What types of supplies does Moxie Girl use?

We currently carry Truce brand cleaning products. They are locally owned, are green, and smell great! We also carry a couple tougher cleaning products like Comet, but only use those when it’s absolutely necessary.

Do I need to be home when my Moxie Girl visits?

Not if you have better things to do. Some clients give us a garage or electronic lock code. Some prefer to be home. Whichever you are comfortable with is okay with us. If you are not going to be home, Moxie Girl has lock boxes available to rent for $7/month.