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Moxie Girl is the expert on vacation rental cleaning. We take care of your rental so you can be worry-free.

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We understand one of the biggest headaches with vacation rentals is how much work goes into cleaning and preparing your space for guests. It can be tiring to prepare a home or apartment many times a week. That’s where Moxie Girl can help. Find out more about our vacation rental cleaning services here.

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We own vacation rentals in multiple cities, and Moxie Girl is the most professional cleaning service we work with. Scheduling, communication, quality, it’s all there. Thank you, Moxie Girl!

— Alfons R, Out of State Owner

Moxie Girl understands the unique needs of vacation rentals. That’s why clients trust us to eliminate the stress and increase the happy.

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On Time Services

We understand the unique scheduling needs of vacation rentals, and show up. EVERY TIME.

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Linens & Laundry

In-home and off-site laundry options are available, depending on home size and turn around time. Ask us for more details.

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Guests choose vacation rentals over hotels because of the kitchens. All the dishes are clean and put away during our visits.

<strong>Stocking</strong> Paper Products and <strong>Essentials</strong> icon

Stocking Paper Products and Essentials

Reporting low supplies comes standard. Out of town, or out of time? We can keep the home fully stocked upon request

<strong>Removing</strong> All Left-Behind Items icon

Removing All Left-Behind Items

Your guests want a fresh, clean home. From emptying out the fridge and cabinets, to storing lost and found items, we remove all signs of the previous guests.

<strong>Reporting</strong> Damaged or Missing Items icon

Reporting Damaged or Missing Items

Worried about damage? We report it immediately when we find it. Pictures and detailed invoices are available for charging guest deposits.

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Cleaning Shouldn't Affect Your Revenue

We can make sure that your home is ready on-time, every time. Guaranteed.

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Moxie Girl’s scheduling process has saved me so much time and relieved a ton of stress. As the manager of two vacation rentals, it gives me such peace of mind that they are ON IT!

— Chrissy G, Phoenix