Operations mindset

March 12th, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno

 A cleaning business, like i’m sure many business are, is like a big puzzle with a lot of different pieces that need to fit together. Someday’s the pieces fit together perfectly and other days they fit, but start to fall apart as the days go on.

Keeping The Pieces Together  

Putting this puzzle together and keeping it together would send me to a madhouse if I didn’t have the glue I call Brea. This woman brings support, energy, candidness and piece of mind to our Moxie team. She has an operations/systems mindset that I do not have, which balances out my thinking. We both think big, but the difference between brea and I is while I am ready to start something new, she puts me in my place in order to make it happen in an orderly manner.


Being goofy at #AdultingDay. Brea grew a nice full mustache for this pic!


When we hired Brea about 3 years ago she read our training manual front to back, determined to do this job, and do it precisely. She gets tasks done and done right, which is what she wants for all the moxies on our team. Now, brea isn’t just concerned about how well the moxies do in their job, but she cares on a personal level for everyone on our team and wants to make sure they are growing in all aspects of their lives. The heart and positivity in Brea amazes me everyday, always giving even if she has nothing to give. One of our moxies said she remembers working with Brea and she forgot her lunch. There Brea was offering anything and everything she had in her lunch box so this moxie would have the energy to push through her next house cleaning. She supports our team and always gets things done. Brea has the ability to move mountains if she wants to.


We had a tremendous scare at the end of the year. Brea was going through some stuff in her life that made a shift in her. It wasn’t a bad shift, it was just a shift. She was unsure how much longer she was planning on being with us. I met with the team to let them know about Brea and her situation, telling them she might not be apart of the team by the end of January. The girls were extremely saddened by the news. They didn’t see moxie the same without Brea being apart of it. She has become the face of Moxie and that extra support our team needs. The Moxies told me we have to do what we can to keep her and it wasn’t because they needed Brea, but the girls told me that I needed Brea. They told me how our two personalities balance each other out and I started to see what my team was seeing. She tells me things bluntly, which is what I need and helps me get my thoughts out of my head. Luckily Brea stayed on with Moxie Girl and is now taking on more of the operational side of things, relieving me of things that are more her strong suite and not so much mine.

Owning a business can be a struggle from time to time, but team work really does make the dream work. Become apart of the moxie team Here.