Phoenix Garage Organizing

October 29th, 2015 | By Claudia Moreno

Lots of people have one of those spaces. You know what we’re talking about; a space that’s just not working like it’s supposed to. It might be that spare room you throw everything into…. A dining room that you can’t dine in because the table is piled to the ceiling with junk…. Or maybe, if you’re like one of our clients this past week, it’s a garage that’s gathered enough stuff that the cars won’t fit.








MOXIE GIRL loves to help our clients clean and organize spaces, making them beautiful and functional again!

clean-garage clean-garage2






In this case, it took one of our teams less than a half-day to get this garage organized and ready for the cars to move back in.








What is YOUR organizing challenge? From a bookshelf to a back room, MOXIE GIRL is here for you! Click here for more information on our garage organizing services.