Refresh Your Vacation Rental for Spring

February 26th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

Almost everyone’s heard of Spring cleaning…but what about a Spring “refresh” for your vacation rental home? It’s always important to keep your rental looking its best and now is the perfect time to make some updates that will let your guests know you care.

Spring in Phoenix is peak season for vacation rentals. Properties renting for $80/night during the summer can command 3-4 times that price during the Spring. This alone may raise the expectations of your guests, so you certainly want them to be happy they chose YOUR vacation rental home.

Competition is fierce – don’t let your rental look dingy! Almost everything in a busy vacation rental experiences significantly more use/abuse/laundering than it would in a normal residence and should be replaced/updated accordingly anyway. Read on to find out what you can (and should) do to get ready for Spring!

Soft Stuff

When thinking “fresh” we MUST think linens! No one wants to sleep on torn or stained sheets, or use “crunchy” towels – especially at $300/night.

Do a thorough inspection of all bedding and bath linens in your vacation rental home. You should definitely put yourself in your guest’s head for this task – would YOU be happy to be paying to use these items? Weed out anything that doesn’t look, feel or smell completely fresh and replace as necessary. (Psst…For ease of care and organization, Moxie Girl recommends white cotton everything for bed and bath!)

Check out all throw pillows and rugs throughout the home. Don’t forget the kitchen towels and potholders, too! Spring is an excellent time for a color change in these household goods – especially if replacements are necessary due to staining or wear. Discount department stores such as TJ Maxx, Ross and Big Lots generally have a ton of options in colors and designs at bargain prices.

Got shower curtains and liners? These items can get especially gross – and quickly – even with regular laundering, so it’s almost always time for new ones anyway. And new shower curtains are a great way to carry your “color change” into the bath, too! (Moxie’s advice: Splurge on a “wow!” machine-washable curtain and stock up on cheap vinyl liners.)

Other Touches

Look for decorative items in the home that may be easily swapped out for a more season-appropriate look.  Colored vases, silk floral arrangements – even candles and coasters – may be good choices for Spring updates. (Check those discount stores we mentioned earlier!)

If you live in Phoenix, YOU’RE probably not in the pool yet, but chances are your out-of-town guests WILL be, so it’s not too early to put out the “summer goods” – pool towels, plastic drinkware for poolside, etc. (Read more about this topic in our blog, “5 Sizzling Summer Tips for Vacation Rental Homes with Pools”!)

How Moxie Girl Can Help

Having a professional vacation rental specialist you can count on makes a world of difference in the operation of your property. Communication being one of our core values, Moxie Girl vacation rental service includes immediately alerting our clients to any damages or theft of items in case emergency replacement is needed.  This means that not only will the issue be resolved, but you’ll be well within the reporting window if you need to hold guests financially responsible for any  mishaps!

Moxie Girl is happy to not only provide you with our expert recommendations on specific goods that perform well in a vacation rental situation, but many of our clients prefer to just have us shop for and stock their properties for them. Easy-peasy!  

Moxie Girl can also help you to put your retired household items to good use by donating them to the  Esperanza Preparatory Academy. Esperanza Preparatory Academy is a complete circle of care school in Tempe, Arizona. Visit their website HERE.

Phoenix area vacation rental home owners – CLICK HERE for a free consultation and discover the benefits of having your own vacation rental specialist!