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Back-to-School Traffic

August 21st, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

School sure starts early these days – in Phoenix, anyway. Moxie Girl, the Valley’s Vacation Rental Specialists would like to take the opportunity to remind our busy vacation rental homeowners (and our own Vacation Rental Assistants) of a few safety and time-saving tips!


School Zone Speed Limits Are No Joke!


Many school zones in and around the Phoenix Metro area limit speed to 15 miles an hour and enforcement of these speeds is always more aggressive in the first few weeks that school is in session. So be safe, not sorry! 

School zone speeds are considered “zero tolerance” areas, so it IS possible to be ticketed for driving 16 mph in a 15 mph speed limit zone. School zone speeding tickets also come with a fine of $100 or more, plus a few points on your driver’s license. 

What Time Is It?


Never give yourself the incentive to speed in the first place. Be aware of school start dates in your areas of travel and check out your route via GPS at least an hour before you THINK you need to leave. It’s a good idea to add 10 minutes on to the GPS travel time during school hours, just to be safe. (We’re pretty sure Google Maps isn’t calculating the extra time you might need to actually get your kid into the drop off zone at school – only the time it takes to reach the address you’ve entered!)

A few quick checks on your route, while you’re preparing to leave, might allow alert you to leave earlier or adjust your route, if needed, due to current conditions.


Expect the Unexpected!


Always – but especially NOW – be on the lookout for excited kids on bikes, skateboards, scooters. Even if they are just on foot, kids can be completely unpredictable and momentarily forget any knowledge of street safety they may have.


Drive defensively and within the speed limit at all times – the safety of our community’s children depends on it!


Moxie Girl is Here to Help!


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Moxie Girl Gives Back

August 14th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

In an effort to give back to our community, Moxie Girl, the Valley’s Vacation Rental Specialists, recently organized a shoe drive to benefit Esperanza Prep. The school, located in Tempe, Arizona, offers a complete circle of care model to about 180 students, according to its Facebook page .


Esperanza Prep helps provide kids in need with necessities such as clothes, shoes and personal hygiene items – even a place to do their laundry – with the belief that if basic needs are met, these kids are able to focus more thoroughly on learning.

The Moxie Girl team began collecting new and gently-worn shoes at the beginning of June, and were able to deliver 68 pairs to Esperanza Prep by mid-July, just in time to help students and their families get back-to-school ready!

Esperanza’s complete circle of care model also includes a food pantry, counseling services, and medical and dental care, so there are plenty of ways to donate to their cause and help dramatically increase these students chances of a successful school year.

Amanda & Catherine delivering dry goods for Esperanza prep food drive.

Check out the Maricopa County Regional School District website for more details about the services Esperanza provides!


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