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Considering a Move To The Valley

June 25th, 2020 | By Claudia Moreno

Moving to a new city can be scary, especially if that city is also a different state. These days, at least, we all have scads of information available to us via the internet, so making a move to a new place doesn’t seem quite as anxiety-filled as it used to be – especially with all of the vacation rental options across the country!

For Work?


People move to new places for all kinds of reasons, one of the most common being a new job. In that situation, you may want to consider booking a vacation rental property for a bit, before having ALL of your possessions shipped to a new location. If you’re planning on making this new job long-term, you’ll no doubt want to settle into your “own” place eventually – but why rush, and have to move everything twice?


Making a temporary home at a vacation rental while you get going in your new work position can give you insight into an area that you won’t easily find on the web. Chances are, that staying in a vacation rental, you’ll soon know if that particular neighborhood is where you’d like to remain. And if the place you’re in isn’t your cup of tea, with no lease or mortgage in place, it’s easy enough to try a different location!


At Play…


Of course, sometimes we vacation in a new place and simply fall in love with it – enough to think we’d like to live there, even. Becoming enamored with a new city can be too easy…after all, we’re often vacationing during the “best of times” – not only for ourselves but often for the location as well.

That perfect weather and that fancy resort where you’re staying, coupled with the fact that you’re on VACATION, can definitely color your view of a new city. You’re likely in this place when everything is just right outside…and who doesn’t love resort amenities and no alarm clocks? Oh, yes, we’d LOVE to live here!


For example, I’ve had plenty of friends visit Phoenix in March and immediately start looking at real estate listings – they’re ready to move! Few of them have gone through with a move after checking back in July or August, though. 100 days with temps over 100 degrees is no joke, air conditioning or not.

The Real Deal


If you fell in love while on vacation – especially if you stayed in a fancy hotel – you probably have a very different idea of life in this new location than you would if you actually lived there. Living and working day-to-day in any city has its challenges so it’s a great idea to really “live” in a new place for a minute to figure out if the challenges of this particular place will be manageable for you.


Vacation Rentals Offer the Feeling of Home


Staying in a vacation rental – or even a series of vacation rentals – to get a feel for life in a new city is a fantastic way to explore and really get to know the area you’re considering making home. You’ll have to make your own bed, do your own laundry and buy your own groceries, but any worthy vacation rental home should offer a basic array of home essentials – such as cookware, dishes, and bed and bath linens for your use.Some vacation rental property operators will cut you a deal on a longer stay, too.

What’s Important to You?


Moxie Girl suggests making a list of all the every-day things you feel are most important to you in deciding where to live. If you’re moving because you’ve secured a new job and will be required to be on site most days of the week, finding a home near your work location makes sense. Traffic in most cities can be a logjam during rush hours, so the closer you are to work, the better!


Other important factors for you may be your new home’s proximity to shopping or entertainment venues, places of worship, public transportation, parks, medical services and schools. Are you seeking a bustling “downtown” feel for your home, or would you prefer to be able to hear a pin drop at night? During your vacation rental stay, refer to your list often and keep notes.on what’s great – and not so great – about this particular area.

Better Safe Than Sorry!


If you are considering a permanent move to a new city – especially one you’ve only truly vacationed in –  it may be beneficial to do your vacation rental stay “test-run” during the city’s “off” season, to get a more complete picture of what real-life might be there. Again, I refer to the Phoenix in March vs. Phoenix in August example. Full relocation can be a big, expensive deal, so it’s smart to have the best idea possible of what may await you during the course of your first year in a new place!


Moxie Girl Know Vacation Rentals

Moxie Girl offers expert vacation rental home services throughout the Phoenix-Metro area – and we’d love to see what we can do for you! Contact us to find out how Moxie Girl’s years of experience in the vacation rental home industry can help make your vacation rental property an even bigger success while giving you more time and peace of mind!