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Moxie Girl Recommends Going GreenHouse!

October 16th, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno


With Moxie Girl’s increased focus on specializing in the care of vacation rental homes, we’d like to introduce you to our friends at Going GreenHouse! Going GreenHouse offers solutions for all your residential cleaning needs and more importantly, they share our love for natural cleaning products and satisfied clients!


April, founder and CEO of Going GreenHouse grew up in Chandler, AZ, and holds a BS in Finance from ASU WP Carey School of Business – which, in her words, led to a “very boring” career in Pension Administration.  These days April is busy running her own thriving business but still makes time to be heavily supportive of the Tammy D Foundation, participating in as many of their fundraising events as possible. For more info about the Tammy D Foundation.

April is also proudly featured in the KNOW Phoenix book for 2018, which is “a community of women-owned businesses that you should KNOW and do business with, in Phoenix.  These women are true rock stars of their professions, do tons of charity events and support other women without judgment,” says April. We say, nice!

Moxie Girl recently had the opportunity to ask April a few questions about Going GreenHouse. Read on to find out why we recommend this fantastic local company!


Moxie Girl: The Going GreenHouse website – which is awesome, by the way – states that you started your company because you realized the chemical cleaners you were using in your own home were making you sick. How quickly did your company plan come to action? Were you “solo” to start with?

April: I was inspired by my corporate job to do something that allowed me to have a flexible schedule as well as an active lifestyle.  I started cleaning the homes of friends and family on the weekends. After about 9 months of doing that, I had enough business to quit my full-time job. 

I was solo for the first couple of months, but I realized that in order to get more done I would have to hire someone to help me on an as-needed basis.  I was referred to a family friend, Lisa.  I asked if she wanted to help me out and she said sure. Lisa is about to celebrate her 7 year anniversary with us!  She is now my full-time office manager and the “yin to my yang” when it comes to running the business and that’s a nice balance to have. 


MG: Just based on his photo, I totally want to hang out with Crew Leader, Damani, for happy hour. How many employees does GGH currently have, and what’s most important to you when you are adding to your team? Any plans for growth?


April: Haha – we caught Damani in a rare moment with that pic!  He is usually pretty quiet and reserved, if you can believe that.  Damani is more of an animal guy than a party animal.  In fact, more than a handful of clients have written us thank you cards and given us 5 star reviews – from their pets – because he is so good and loving towards all animals! 

We have 15 on our team currently and Going GreenHouse is always looking to add awesome people.  The more team members, the more business we can schedule, after all! 

When hiring, the main things I look for are punctuality, reliability, teamwork, and positive attitude.  A positive attitude, especially, will get you a long way in my book!  This means if you accidentally damage something at a client’s home or if you get negative feedback, you take responsibility, own it and find a way to correct it without getting upset or taking it personally. 

MG: GGH seems to have a special relationship with your clients, as well as with their pets. Do you find that clients are more willing to trust (and are less likely to feel “judged” by) a cleaner when they know that person is also an animal-lover and/or a pet owner?


April: I do think that most people are concerned about how their pets feel about the new people in their homes because pets are part of the family too!  We have cat and dog treats at the ready just in case we need to make friends fast!  It is important to us that everyone in the family is comfortable with our being there. 

As far as being judged, I think that people naturally feel like they are being judged especially if they haven’t been able to maintain their home for one reason or another.  I have had clients that apologize the whole time I am performing a consultation and I tell them a few things…1.  We are no-judgment cleaners 2. They’ve got better things to do than cleaning their homes, like spending precious time with family or working on their own businesses. 3. A needy home is job security for us, so we can’t be mad at that!  We love to see a fabulous turnaround on a house when we finish!


MG: Are there any particular or unusual challenges your clients present that you feel GGH excels in dealing with?


April: I always tell my referral partners to send me their pickiest clients.  We use a very detailed checklist to manage client expectations, plus we have an electronic file for each client for any special requests or pet peeves.  I do an on-site consultation prior to every single first service to make sure we capture every client’s specific needs.  We value communication and send a feedback e-mail after every service to keep our communication fresh.  We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if any client is unhappy, we will send a crew back ASAP to remedy whatever was missed.  Also, each month our team members earn gift card incentives based on the positive client feedback they receive.  The people I hire are natural people-pleasers and genuinely care if the client is happy.


MG: What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received from a client?


April: We are affiliated with the Tammy D Foundation, which pays us a discounted rate for us to clean homes of women battling breast cancer.  We usually have 5-10 of these clients on our schedule each month.  Going GreenHouse sends a crew of 2 people to their home for 2 hours to do whatever household chores they need to be done.  These women are by far our most grateful clients and when they send me a testimonial they usually make me cry because I am so moved by the generosity and care of my employees.  Our crews take a special interest in making sure these ladies are comfortable. They go above and beyond and even become close, personal friends with some.  It’s a really special bond and I’m proud to be able to facilitate it and proud of my crews for having such huge hearts that they use their own money to bring treats and gifts to our Tammy D clients and otherwise go out of their way when they can do something special for these ladies.


MG: I know using natural/chemical-free cleaning products is very important to you. How did you – and do you – decide on specific products for use at Going GreenHouse?


April: We are always trying new products!  If we don’t love the way something works, we will continue researching by following blogs, asking clients and doing web research. We also do a lot of ‘trial and error’ in our own homes to find out what works best!   We had a hard time finding a great “green” stainless steel cleaner for many years and had resorted to using olive oil. Olive oil does work, but it can be messy which of course is not ideal.  We finally found one that we love from “Earth-Friendly Products” that we found on


Contact Them!


The Going GreenHouse slogan is “Building a relationship with your family, your pets and your home” – and they mean it! From one-time services to regularly scheduled cleanings, Going GreenHouse is the eco-friendly, all natural answer to your residential cleaning needs. Get a free quote – visit or call 602-476-9321 today!


Drop Everything – It’s National Relaxation Day!

August 15th, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno


We all know we should, but most of us don’t make enough time to relax on a regular basis.  Thank goodness it’s National Relaxation Day! You have the day off, right? Hmmm…we don’t either. But Moxie Girl has compiled a selection of inexpensive to FREE ways to help you add a little relaxation into EVERY day! Many of our suggestions also go well together, so why not try a “pairing”?

Start With a Relaxing Cup of Green Tea

Green tea has long been known for its antioxidant qualities and other health benefits, but did you know it can actually help you relax? Green tea leaves contain an amino acid called L-theanine, which increases dopamine levels in your brain, promoting a state of calm awareness. If you’re serious about reaping all the health benefits green tea is said to provide experts recommend drinking it hot, but Moxie Girl knows iced green tea is more refreshing – and just as relaxing –  on a warm summer day!

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Well, Aren’t You Sweet?

Honey…The only food made by insects and consumed by humans (unless you can think of another!) We already knew honey to be a tasty natural sweetener, but honey can also help with relaxation.  As it turns out, honey contains the amino acid tryptophan – that same thing in turkey that causes a lot of napping after Thanksgiving dinner!

Go Brush Your Hair

Hair-brushing is a long-standing pre-bedtime ritual for many people. Brushing your hair for 10 minutes relaxes the mind while promoting a healthy scalp and shiny hair (and, dang, it feels GREAT!) Simple wire scalp massagers can be purchased at your favorite beauty supply store – and sometimes even the dollar store.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Mmmm…That Smells Relaxing!

It’s a fact: aromas can instantaneously change your mood. So why not change yours for the better by using aromatherapy? Burning a scented candle for 30 minutes just might turn your day from stressful to blissful. Seek out beeswax or soy/vegetable based wax candles containing pure, natural fragrances. For relaxation purposes, Moxie Girl recommends jasmine, rose, valerian, bergamot and lavender scents. (Never leave candles burning unattended – accidental fires are never relaxing!)

Essential oils are a great investment if you plan to add aromatherapy to your daily routine. They may be used in a number of ways.  After selecting your favorite essential oil (or combination of oils) it’s easy to make your own massage oil – just add 7 to 10 drops of oil to an ounce of “carrier” oil. A carrier oil will temper the essentials, making it safe to apply directly to your skin.  Coconut, avocado and olive oils all make great carriers – choose your favorite. Lightly massage a drop to your temples and wrists and let the relaxing begin! This massage oil may also be added to a nice, warm bath – 98-102 degrees, for 20 minutes is recommended for maximum benefit. No time for a bath? No problem – you can diffuse your mix using a humidifier or cold-air vaporizer. Diffusing for 15 minutes each hour will keep you calm and uplifted throughout the day!

Make your own aromatherapy linen spray by adding 30 – 40 drops of your favorite essential oils to an ounce and half of distilled water in a small spray bottle and shake well. Lightly mist your bath towels and bed linens and enjoy the benefits after your shower and all night long!

Photo by Brittany Neale on Unsplash


The “Most Relaxing Song Ever”

Another mood-altering factor in life is sound.  If the ambient sounds of your day have thus far had all the appeal of fingernails on a chalkboard, it’s time to change your tune!  With the goal of lowering the listener’s blood pressure, stress levels and heart rate, UK group Marconi Union, worked with sound therapists to utilize a peaceful production landscape filled with dreamy rhythms, melodies and complementary instruments (featuring piano, guitar and electronic samples of natural soundscapes) to create what some have deemed “the most relaxing song ever.”

Chocolate – The Darker the Better

The raw, unprocessed cocoa bean is considered a “super food” by many due to its high concentration of antioxidants – 40 times the antioxidants found in another super food, blueberries. While processing can destroy a large percentage of these antioxidants, a quality dark chocolate still contains enough natural “bliss” agents such as tryptophan and serotonin to bring feelings of happiness and well-being to the forefront of your mood! The higher the cocoa content the less sweet and more beneficial the chocolate, so seek out a dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% more.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

A Nice Glass of Wine

There are literally thousands of options when it comes to wine, but which one is best for relaxing?  Your favorite, of course! That’s right – while alcohol content and flavor may vary, most wines have the same cozy effect on your brain, so just choose your favorite or maybe try something new.  Always stay well-hydrated and drink responsibly!

Color Yourself Relaxed!

It’s taken a few years, but coloring has become a favorite way to relax for many adults.  There are a plethora of coloring books to choose from – from meditative mandalas to (very) adult themes. So, find one that appeals to your sensibilities, grab a pack of crayons or colored pencils and get busy.  If you’ve never tried coloring as an adult, Moxie Girl bets you’ll be amazed how easily you can forget your stresses and get lost in this activity!

Photo by Mint Owl on Unsplash

Winning Combinations

Just about any of the items on this list can be used simultaneously to enhance relaxation. Try enjoying your wine and dark chocolate together! Syrah, ports, and sherries are a few of the most delicious-with-chocolate wines – all in moderation, of course.

Green tea and honey together create a fabulously relaxing beverage, but did you know they are also great for your skin? Try whipping up this super simple and all natural green tea and honey facial mask.  Just moisten some green tea leaves (cutting open a tea bag will give you just about the right amount for a treatment) and blend with a little honey until you’ve formed a paste. Spread evenly on your face, avoiding eye areas, and sit back and relax for 15 minutes while the aroma relaxes your mind and the mask moisturizes and clears any redness! Gently wash off with warm water and enjoy the glow.  Seal it up, and any unused paste can be saved for spot treatments of problem areas for up to a week.

Aldyth Moyla

Need More Time to Relax?

Who DOESN’T? So, why not let Moxie Girl take over some of your less favorite chores?  We specialize in vacation rental homes, but we are also experts in residential cleaning and home organization.  What can Moxie Girl do for YOU? Call Today for a FREE consultation!