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Growing With the Moxie Girl Team

March 5th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

As a female-founded, owned and operated business, the celebration of International Women’s Day is dear to our hearts. Moxie Girl would like to take time to recognize some of the women most important to US – the members of our Moxie tribe!

What We Share

Each of our Moxies is unique but our commonalities unite us!

First, and obviously, we’re mostly “girls” (hello! it’s in the name…but of course we welcome worthy Moxie “boys” as well!)

Second, we are all looking for flexibility for various reasons and the nature of Moxie Girl’s business allows for that flexibility!

And third, we all desire to be part of a trusted, supportive team – and that can seem hard to come by these days. Moxie Girl holds our core values in high regard and we believe these values are what allows us to BE a trusted and supportive team. We wouldn’t consider bringing anyone into our tribe we felt didn’t share our beliefs about respect, communication, personal development, people first, integrity and trust!

Where Do Moxie Girls Come From?

Well, we wish we could grow them on meticulously manicured trees, but they actually come from a variety of “places” – places in LIFE. For example, our Moxie tribe currently includes college students, moms with school-age kids, career-changers and a few new to the workforce or re-entering after a significant absence. There are all kinds of real-life situations that make joining the Moxie team a great choice! Moxie Girl appreciates your life experience. No matter your background, we believe that if you share our core values, you’ve got something to offer!

Use Your Skills and Learn New Ones!

The care of vacation rentals is an an excellent venue for utilizing your existing household management and domestic engineering skills! Think of it as “turning” a tiny hotel – spotlessly cleaning, handling the laundry and making it guest-ready, right down to the staging.

Moxie Girl loves multi-taskers and self-motivation – and we definitely have our own processes. So even if you DON’T HAVE those household management or domestic engineering skills, we can help you learn and cultivate those things!

Keeping Fit in Body and Mind

Turning a vacation rental isn’t for “wimps”…But who needs a gym membership with all the stretches, squats and hustling the job requires? Save your money AND make more – all in a day’s work!

Most vacation rental care assignments are “solo,” and for many of us, that equals “meditative.” Just cleaning our own homes is mind-clearing for a lot of us anyway, so why not get paid while you sort out your head?

What Else Do You Do?

Moxie Girl is a rapidly growing company, which means sometimes we don’t know what we need until we need it. It also means we may be able to utilize your skills from a “previous life” or ask if you might be interested in exploring and developing new ones! (For example, I’d never done any blog writing before the summer of 2018…I think I’m improving.)

Our more experienced Moxie tribe members bring with them quite the collection of talents – care-taking, accounting, marketing, serving – even running their own businesses – that can be applied to the ever-changing needs of our business. All Moxies are encouraged to “test the waters” of duties that may interest them when the need arises, giving opportunity for personal development.

The End Result…

We all win! Moxie Girl has set goals and high standards for ourselves as The Valley’s Vacation Rental Specialist and as our business grows, so does our tribe of Moxies. It’s all about the resources – and we know a fabulous team is the greatest resource we can have.

Ready to Join Moxie Girl? We are always interested in adding the right people to our team.  If you think you might be a fit, speak up – APPLY HERE!

Moxie Girl – It’s a Team (Meeting) Thing!

January 20th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

Moxie Girl, your vacation rental homes specialist strives to provide the best service available when caring for your homes. Part of providing the best service is having the best team! Moxie Girl values our team members as family and we want our Moxies to feel that way, too.

We thought it might be fun to give you a peek into our monthly Sunday morning team meetings so you can see how it’s done!


If you’ve been in the workforce for more than a week, you’ve probably suffered through at least one seemingly endless staff meeting. You know the one… You and your peers are summoned to a cold conference room and talked AT by the boss about blah blah blah… All the while thinking, hey, this would’ve made an excellent email!

Many employers miss the boat when it comes to effective interaction with their employees by using staff meetings merely as a platform to spew information, rather than getting to know their team members and the really great ideas about business they might have. These ideas may often include very useful feedback on current processes – everyone needs that! Often there is an unspoken ‘no socializing’ rule at these meetings, too, reminding you that you are definitely not there for fun.

Our Marvelous Moxie Meetings

Moxie Girl is different from other companies in many ways but especially with regard to our team meetings. Amanda Thomas, founder of Moxie Girl, knows her team members are always working to improve efficiency – and since they are out in the field every day, the Moxies are an active hive of new ideas.

In planning the monthly Moxie team meeting, Amanda makes a very conscious effort to cover all the bases, making our gatherings as interactive, informative and FUN as possible. And being the smarty-pants she is, Amanda knows an immediate way to our hearts is directly through our tummies! Our monthly team meeting starts off with a yummy variety of morning snacks (including gluten-free options) coffee and juices!

Getting to Know You

Moxies work in teams on larger vacation rental home locations but more often than not we are solo on smaller projects, so it’s likely we’ve never even met many of our team members until we attend our first monthly meeting.

Amanda understands that actually getting to know your fellow Moxies is a great way to build the strength of the team. Meetings often begin with a “getting to know you” type activity that encourages interaction between Moxies. The better you know someone the more likely you are able to communicate with them effectively, right? And communication is a key to what Moxie Girl does.

Many times the “getting to know you activities” Amanda comes up with also include problem-solving aspects and best practices discussion, adding to our understanding of how to best work together while we’re getting to know each other!

The Moxie Hive

One of the things I personally most admire about Amanda is that she not only welcomes ideas and feedback, but actually invites them! A portion of the monthly meeting almost always include some version of a group brainstorming session directed toward issues currently relevant to the Moxie team. I often see Amanda fervently taking notes as discussions unfold. More importantly, I later see those great ideas and concepts finding their way into standard Moxie procedure.

How Are We Doing?

We all look forward to hearing updates on Moxie Girl’s progress toward our company goals. Amanda delivers the stats and makes us aware of, well, anything we should be aware of. She also answers any questions we may have. It’s nice to be in the loop!

Moxie Girl has experienced astounding growth in the past year – 40% over the previous year – and it is exciting to see that we are on track to hit our goal number of vacation rental home clients in early 2019!

Creative Endeavors

Who says you can’t be a creative and be a vacation rental home cleaner? Opportunities abound in our Moxie meetings to be creative! Charades, folding toilet tissue into fancy things, fun photo shoots and more have all come into play at Sunday morning meetings. (Not all at once, but that DOES sound fun!)

And We’re Off!

Our monthly meetings wrap up just in time for Moxies to grab any needed supplies and head out to conquer their Sunday vacation rental home cleaning schedules, feeling full of food, inspiration and new insight into our fellow team members. Thanks Amanda! Inspired to be a Moxie? APPLY NOW!

Discover the difference a strong team makes by choosing Moxie Girl for all your vacation rental home needs! From set up to in-between guest cleanings (including same-day services) you can trust Moxie Girl to deliver quality and reliability. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION!