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Adding Some Extra Pizzaz For Your Phoenix Vacation Rental Home

July 16th, 2020 | By Claudia Moreno

When decorating your vacation rental home you don’t want to do too little and you definitely don’t want to go overboard. When you don’t add those special touches to your vacation rental it can make your home feel a little less inviting. Now, when you add too much decor to your home it can feel cluttered and also allow for more dust to be collected on the little unnecessary decorations. It can be a challenge to find that perfect balance in your vacation rental home that makes your guests feel at home and welcomes them into your space. So where do you start? 


Function and Feeling 


You’ll want to start by deciding what kind of function you are wanting your home to have for guests and what kind of feeling you are going for. You could decide every room has a different theme in the house or that the entire house follows one theme. Have fun with your decorating journey and plan out your space before going on a decor shopping rampage! 

Stay Neutral 


Unless you have a certain theme in your home you are going for like a 90’s or retro theme, try to stay neutral! Staying neutral in your colors will help things last with the changing times and will be easier to redecorate when needed or when styles change. Stick with just a few colors but in varying shades that all work well together, just keep it simple. Now if you’re going with a 70’s retro-themed vacation rental this tip won’t really apply to you, but your decorating journey will still be a blast! 

Lighting & other fixtures


This can be a fun part of decorating your vacation rental property! You can stick with basic lighting or add a fun touch with a cute lamp or different light fixtures. Just make sure the light bulbs you choose throughout your house are cohesive if you have yellow lighting try to keep it like that throughout the house or things and start to look a little funky. Lamps are a great addition to the living room and bedroom spaces to add that cozy feeling a home can offer. If you decide to change the fixtures in your house try to keep them all one color, you don’t want some gold fixtures, some black and some silver throughout the entire house. 

Additional Items 


Have fun with this part, but not too much fun. Adding little decor items is where a lot of us can go overboard because there are just so many cute options out there. The last thing you want in your home is to have too many things that make guests feel overwhelmed and cluttered. Baskets with blankets by the beds or couches are a fun way to add a little extra something to your home. Chunky throws can add that texture you may be missing in your home. Switch out those boring old bar stools for something a little different than you might be used to, you’ll be surprised at how one item can really transform a space! Natural wood items are a great touch to those neutral spaces as well as adding greenery. Adding greenery can really bring a space to life! 

Remember this is still your space and you get to decide how you want to make it, but you are renting it out to guests and want to make them feel comfortable and at home, in your space while they are visiting. Have fun with it, take your time and plan it out. Remember to save all your receipts when buying items juts in case they don’t flow in the home like you thought they would.

Just getting started in your journey as a vacation rental owner? Give Moxie Girl a call today to see how we can help you get things up and running smoothly so you can start renting your space out as soon as possible!

Scottsdale Vacation Rental With Spa like Amenities

June 11th, 2020 | By Claudia Moreno

When looking for a vacation rental most look for a place that can best accommodate their needs for their stay. Depending on what you’re looking for you can almost always find the perfect fit for you and/or your family needs.. that is if you choose to take the whole family. 

When choosing a vacation rental over a hotel there are a few things you might be giving up but most vacation rental owners do their best to give their guests everything they need for their relaxing stay.  You might be looking for a home with a relaxing pool area, nice backyard space, cozy bedroom spaces, or whatever it may be. In some cases when booking your perfect vacation you come across a place that has met every need and more. 

Avoiding Crowded Hotels. 

You may be considering a stay at a vacation rental for the first time, changing it up from your typical hotel stay, and wondering what more could a vacation rental offer me that I’m not already going to get at a hotel? 

Well, you’re in for a treat! This newly remodeled “resort” vacation rental in the Scottsdale area has those spa-like amenities you may feel like you’re missing out on when booking a vacation rental. From a sauna in the master bathroom to a lap pool on the backyard this home gives you that spa feeling without being surrounded by strangers in robes.

More to offer than your typical hotel room 


Not only are you getting that spa-like feeling in this vacation rental there is also a great outdoor space for relaxing, grilling, and just hanging out. There is a cozy living room space for you to enjoy your favorite shows, movies and so much more. One of our favorite parts is the bar area where you can make your favorite mixed drink to enjoy by the pool or maybe playing pool all in one place. If you enjoy socializing, you won’t have to go far for a nice night out on the town with this home being just a few minutes away from Old Town Scottsdale. 

If this vacation rental sparks your interest take a look HERE at what all this place has to offer and plan your vacation today!


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Back-to-School Traffic

August 21st, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

School sure starts early these days – in Phoenix, anyway. Moxie Girl, the Valley’s Vacation Rental Specialists would like to take the opportunity to remind our busy vacation rental homeowners (and our own Vacation Rental Assistants) of a few safety and time-saving tips!


School Zone Speed Limits Are No Joke!


Many school zones in and around the Phoenix Metro area limit speed to 15 miles an hour and enforcement of these speeds is always more aggressive in the first few weeks that school is in session. So be safe, not sorry! 

School zone speeds are considered “zero tolerance” areas, so it IS possible to be ticketed for driving 16 mph in a 15 mph speed limit zone. School zone speeding tickets also come with a fine of $100 or more, plus a few points on your driver’s license. 

What Time Is It?


Never give yourself the incentive to speed in the first place. Be aware of school start dates in your areas of travel and check out your route via GPS at least an hour before you THINK you need to leave. It’s a good idea to add 10 minutes on to the GPS travel time during school hours, just to be safe. (We’re pretty sure Google Maps isn’t calculating the extra time you might need to actually get your kid into the drop off zone at school – only the time it takes to reach the address you’ve entered!)

A few quick checks on your route, while you’re preparing to leave, might allow alert you to leave earlier or adjust your route, if needed, due to current conditions.


Expect the Unexpected!


Always – but especially NOW – be on the lookout for excited kids on bikes, skateboards, scooters. Even if they are just on foot, kids can be completely unpredictable and momentarily forget any knowledge of street safety they may have.


Drive defensively and within the speed limit at all times – the safety of our community’s children depends on it!


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Vacation Rental Home Goals: Heads In Beds

August 19th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

If you’re a fan of the Netflix series, “Stay Here,” you’ve definitely heard the term “heads in beds” before. That’s where your income as a vacation rental homeowner comes from, so putting “heads in beds” is definitely your goal!


It stands to reason that the more “beds” your vacation rental home has, the more “heads” you can put in them. Even though your vacation rental may have only one or two traditional bedrooms, there are creative ways to increase the “sleeps” number, making it easy to increase your nightly rental rates!

Be reasonable, of course – you don’t want 10 people jamming themselves into your 2/2 condo. Many cities also have occupancy limits on residential dwellings, so always be sure to check out the specifics on your vacation rental location. 


Depending on the layout and square footage, a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom vacation rental home that normally “sleeps 4 adults” could easily sleep 6 with the addition of a convertible sofa or murphy bed – and easily increase your rental rate by 15-20%.


The living room areas in vacation rental homes tend to be the least used room by most guests, so they are often a great place for “extra sleeps” by way of a sofa bed that folds out when it’s time for bed. Decorative portable privacy screens are a great option if the room feels a little too “open” for sleeping.

While you certainly may need a den/library/business office in your personal residence, unless you are specifically marketing your vacation rental home as a corporate short-term rental, these rooms are largely unnecessary by most people booking a vacation rental. Sure, that room can still function as an office – and be marketed as such – but add a set of bunk beds and you’ve just increased your heads-in-beds potential by 2!


While you’re busy figuring out how to maximize the heads-in-beds potential of your vacation rental home, you’ll also need to make sure the rest of your rental home is adequately stocked for your new “sleeps” number. An increase in heads-in-beds in your vacation rental home means you will need an additional bed and bath linens, dishes, glasses and silverware – even pool towels and personal amenities, if applicable.


Moxie Girl has extensive experience in the care of vacation rental homes throughout the greater Phoenix area – from set-up/stocking of new vacation rentals, to full, between-guest turns! Find out how Moxie Girl can help you reach your goals and secure the success of your vacation rental home – click here for a FREE CONSULTATION!  

The Summer Vacation Rental Home Season Isn’t Over Yet!

August 6th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

Many Phoenix-area school districts start the school year as early as the beginning of August, but in other places across the country, classes don’t start until the day after Labor Day! This leaves August open for impromptu family vacations, and many of those families find it less expensive – and more convenient – to find a suitable vacation rental home for their family travels.


If you own a vacation rental in the Valley and have read up on the subject, you already know the benefits of keeping your property operating through our brutal summer – even though it might seem “easier” and “cheaper” to cease operations during these months. 


If you AREN’T in-the-know, here are a couple of blogs full of good information on the topic!


Boosting Your Summer Vacation Rental Bookings


Summer Vacation Rentals- Moxie Girl Debunks The Myths


It’s true, staying in the summer vacation rental game not only helps offset the year-round expenses associated with your vacation rental property, but keeping your vacation rental home active during the “off” months – with good reviews – will also help boost your rental to the top of your vacation rental platform’s listings. And THAT can only increase your bookings during peak season!


Need some help avoiding complaints and bad reviews? Check out these Moxie blogs!

Avoiding Complaints From Your Vacation Rental Guests


Vacation Rental Review Killers 



Late summer is famous for last-minute vacation rental home bookings, so stay in close communication with your vacation rental cleaning team. You’d never want to give your guests the feeling they’re receiving last-minute treatment!


Need Help With Your Vacation Rental Home?


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Firing Your Vacation Rental Cleaner

June 5th, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

As a vacation rental home owner, you know there are a lot of things that need attention in order to make your vacation rental business a success. One of most important things on your list is being certain your vacation rental home is made guest-ready between bookings. Many vacation rental home owners depend on an outside service to attend to those “turns” on their behalf, and guests definitely pay attention to cleanliness – as well as presentation ( or “staging” as we like to call it.)


Now, if you’re working with an established team of vacation rental specialists (such as Moxie Girl) chances are you are completely satisfied with your service and feel you’re getting the most bang for your buck. But what if the team or individual you’ve hired to take care of this crucial task just isn’t performing to your standards?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of continuing to use a service we’re not completely satisfied with, for many reasons. We tend to be discomforted by “being the boss” – or we haven’t gotten around to finding a replacement.  Lots of people don’t even like the thought of confrontation, much less having to fire someone. So we “live with it” – and grow resentful.

Moxie Girl is here to tell you that you shouldn’t “settle” when it comes to the care of your vacation rental home. Business is business and your rental home IS your business, so that makes you the boss, whether you like it or not. Rather than let your resentment build, here’s a cut-and-dried method to rectifying the situation in a professional manner.

Step 1 – Communicate

We assume you did, at the beginning of your relationship with your vacation rental cleaner, agree on the services that the cleaner would provide and how things should look and feel in your vacation rental when they’ve done their job. Perhaps your needs changed somewhere along the way and the info didn’t reach the cleaner? Or maybe your vacation rental cleaner is just “missing” some things that are turning up via bad reviews on your AirBnB or other vacation rental platform.

You must clearly communicate your requirements and be sure to highlight those things that are particular “sticking points” to you. If you’re one of the many people who would prefer to avoid a face-to-face confrontation, email works! (And you’ll have documentation for future reference – either in letting your current vacation rental home cleaner go and/or in hiring a new one – BONUS!)

With all of your needs clearly communicated, asks your vacation rental home cleaner the big question: Going forward, will you meet these requirements? If the answer is “yes” – great! But do make it clear that these things are “musts” and that you’ll be keeping an eye on the situation and if the agreement isn’t kept, you’ll be forced to hire a different vacation rental home cleaner.

Now, it IS possible that your vacation rental cleaner can’t or won’t agree they can come through for you, so you really should have a back-up plan ready. We won’t lie, Moxie Girl has turned away a few clients with VERY detailed and specifically-detailed needs. (Hey, we’re a team currently responsible for well over 150 vacation rental homes Valley-wide AND we offer same-day turns. We just can’t GUARANTEE that the throw pillows on your sofa are going to be exactly 1.5” apart, with the smaller points of the triangle print facing north, dude.)

So, if your vacation rental cleaner says “no,” they’ve basically just fired themselves and now you don’t have to. You do, however, need to get your back-up plan into action. If you have a vacation rental in the Phoenix metro area, Moxie Girl would love to talk to you! Just click for a FREE CONSULTATION.)

Step 2 – Set an Agreement (They Said Yes)

So the answer was “yes, we will do that.” Great! Now you’ve both got a renewed understanding as to how things will be done at your vacation rental home and everything should be smooth sailing from here on out.

As part of this agreement, you might require that pics of the vacation rental home be sent to you, showing that everything has been completed according to your requirements. This is not uncommon, especially in cases where the vacation rental home owner resides out of state.

If going forward you find that vacation rental cleaner isn’t keeping their end of the agreement, all you need is present them with the documentation and again, they’ve just fired themselves. Next!

Well THAT Was Easy!

Easier, anyway. We repeat: It’s crucial to have a Plan B when it comes to firing your vacation rental cleaner – you definitely don’t want to interrupt your booking calendar simply because there’s no one to turn it for you in between guests. Chances are that if you were unhappy, you probably did at least a little bit of searching for alternatives.

When interviewing a new vacation rental cleaner, you can pull out that list of requirements from Step 1 and let it be Step 1 in your interviewing process as well. It may also be helpful to think back to when you hired that last vacation rental cleaner – the one that just fired themselves. In retrospect, was there anything you feel you should’ve asked (or handled differently) during that process? Here’s your chance to improve your communication and make sure your NEW vacation rental cleaning company is on the same page.

Moxie Girl leads the way in the care of vacation rental homes throughout the Phoenix area. Not only have we made vacation rental home care our priority, we guarantee our work and we guarantee same-day turns for our valued clients! CLICK here to see how we can help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your vacation rental home.

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Spring Graduations are Here!

May 3rd, 2019 | By Claudia Moreno

It’s spring time! Oh, what a wonderful time to experience flowers, Easter, warm sunshine, and for many, a long-awaited graduation!

There are two major colleges in the Phoenix area: Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University. ASU will  be holding Spring graduations in May, and GCU will also be holding several graduations for nearby high schools and community colleges. For those of you travelling to the Phoenix area this month here are some important dates and details you need to know…

ASU: Commencement 05/06/2019 at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe at 7:30 p.m

Estrella Mountain Community College and Glendale CC and Phoenix College: Commencement 05/10/2019 at GCU

Gateway and South Mountain CC: Commencement 05/09/2019 at GCU

Grand Canyon University is located off the I-17 on Camelback Road and 35th Ave. So, if you plan on travelling this way during the graduation times, be prepared for some heavy traffic. Moxie Girl wishes you a great stay in Arizona at this most gorgeous time of year – and congratulations, graduates!


May 4th, 2017 | By Claudia Moreno

15 Smart Packing Tips for Summer Vacation

Definitely the most traveled time of year, summer freedom brings vacation thoughts!! Among those thoughts are, “Where should we go? How should we get there? and last but not least – What should I pack?”. Miss MOXIE to the rescue! Here are 15 Smart Packing Tips you can bank on to get everything you need to your summer vacation destination!

Packing Prep

1 – Make a Packing list thinking: HEAD TO TOE. Once for clothing – once for toiletries/sundries. This is how I taught my kids to pack efficiently. Start with your head; floppy sun hat. Trunk; swim-suits, lingerie, tanks, light sweater…etc. For the toiletries/sundries; Head: shampoo, conditioner, curling iron, brush, earrings, facewash, makeup, sunglasses etc. Either write EVERYTHING down, or take everything out and lay it on the bed. (And ALWAYS pack extra underwear! ) Easy and thorough!

2 – Wash, Dryclean, and Prepare. Do the laundry, and set your favorite vacation clothes aside. Dryclean that rain jacket you want to take, and buy Billy those new shoelaces and baseball hat you’ve been meaning to get. If you spend a day preparing your belongings, you’re vacation shopping time will be for souvenirs instead of extra socks!

3 – Consider Monochromatic Color Choices! A color scheme like black/white/khaki allows for mixing and matching everything – clothes, shoes, jewelry and outerwear, therefore you can pack less of everything!

Arrive at the airport AT LEAST 90 minutes early!
Carry your EMPTY water bottle through security, and fill at a fountain on the other side!

4 – Check your Luggage for Damage! Whether you will be backpacking across Europe, or lying on a Southern California beach, you will have to lug your stuff there! A broken suitcase wheel or a torn backpack zipper will make you crazy!

5 – Savvy Carry-On Prep:  BRING: Water bottle – (empty before security, you can fill it afterwards), a light snack, a book or magazine, your phone charger, any prescription meds, any expensive (or sentimental) jewelry, minimal make-up, a toothbrush, and a change of underwear (in case they lose your suitcase – because, sorry, it happens!), and mini-tissue packs for an un-stocked restroom. I always pack my handbag in my suitcase and take my wallet in my carry-on. Your documents: Insurance card, passport, driver’s license.

The Nuts and Bolts

6 – TRY to go Easy on the Shoes! (I’m talking to myself here!) One pair for walking, one for the beach, one dressy.

7 – ZIPLOCS save the day! You can scrunch all your underwear into a ZIPLOC bag and squish-flat the air out! Use it later for dirties or wet swimsuits. Use them for all your toiletries, or anything that can leak.

8 – ROLL as much as you can. Roll your pants and shorts, shirts and socks. stuff socks into your shoes. Rolling takes up much less space.

Suitcase of shoes
RESIST THE URGE to pack too many shoes!

9 – DON’T take Brand New Shoes! Can you say BLISTERS?

10 – Condense Toiletries or Buy Travel Sizes! While you may be tempted to take the full sized shampoo, conditioner or hairspray, unless you have six kids and are traveling the whole USA, you won’t need them! Buy travel containers in the $1 section at TARGET, along with travel-sized body wash, deoderant, contact lense solution, toothpaste, etc. If you travel often, grab a toiletry bag too and keep it fully loaded in your closet for next time. Remember: The TSA liquids carry-on rule is still in effect! Here are the TSA Guidelines. If you don’t want your expensive bottle of perfume tossed in the trash, think SMALL!

Stuff you don’t want to forget…

11 – Pack the chargers! What electronics are you taking? Pack all your chargers: phone, laptop, tablet, iPod, KINDLE device, and camera. Use a 1 qt. Freezer ZIPLOC bag – they are sturdy. OR – LIVE DANGEROUSLY and leave the electronics at home and focus on each other!

12 – Don’t forget your important documents: Passport, Driver’s license, Insurance Card, etc. Here is a super helpful checklist for you to use before you go.

13 – Avoid junk-food en route. Yes, it’s your summer vacation. Yes, chips and candy can be fun, nevertheless, these treats might also cause energy spikes and stomach trouble. Stick with grain or protein snacks like cheese sticks or nuts, granola bars and dried fruit or apples.

Travel Book
Fodor’s Travel books available on

14 – Pack info. about your destination. Yes, an iPhone can do all things, but I’m a book girl! I love my “walking tour of Manhattan” book! I found the best out-of-the-way restaurant once from a picture in a travel book. Just a thought…

15 – Pack extra plastic grocery bags. You know, the cheap kind? They are great for packing dirty clothes, sandy shoes, collecting trash, wet swim suits, and take up almost no room in your suitcase.

Remember: DON’T take what you won’t need! I know- sounds like a no-brainer, but go through everything one more time and take out the extra won’t need that blow-dryer, or 3 extra pairs of shoes, ‘just in case’. Take it from Miss MOXIE – these tried and true tips will turn ANYONE into a worldclass smart summer vacation packer!