Wendy, The Vacation Rental Powerhouse

March 2nd, 2018 | By Claudia Moreno

The other day we had each of our Moxies write a few things about the homes they work in. We asked questions like what’s your favorite room to clean, what clients are your favorite to work with and why, etc. The answers we got were great, but this one sentence from our Moxie just took my breath away:

“The owners make me feel like family, therefore I treat their house as if it were my own.” -Wendy


Wendy is our Vacation Rental Team Leader, and a powerhouse vacation rental cleaner. The care and detail she puts into a home are stunning. Her work in homes shows just how much she cares. There are often days where Wendy’s car is full of linens and supplies to be delivered to vacation rentals, and regularly messages our vacation rental owners and managers to make sure they know how their property looks.

Wendy making this vacation rental sparkle!

When Wendy is working on turning over a vacation rental, she does it all. She makes sure it looks like nobody had been there in the first place, cleaning out cabinets, restocking toiletries, changing filters, washing sheets/towels and making sure there aren’t damages in the home. Wendy brings peace of mind to vacation rental owners, communicating with them about important things that need to be taken care of to ensure the next guest has a magnificent and luxurious stay. She goes out of her way to get those little details that make a huge difference in a house. “I just know I am making an impact.” says Wendy.

Team work makes the dream work! Wendy and Celia riding around in the Moxie Mobile!

Our Moxie girl team didn’t have this amazing asset until Wendy packed up her things in sunny California and moved out to Arizona to start a new life with her son in 2016. She had cleaned houses before so she began searching for a cleaning company to work for. Eventually, she stumbled upon Moxie, and we couldn’t have been more delighted that she did. She is a resilient woman with so much strength and courage, and we gladly brought her on to our team.
Wendy had the experience and the passion for vacation rental cleaning and it truly shows. She has a teacher’s heart, and we put it to good use by having Wendy work with all our new Moxies. Wendy is the type of person who doesn’t just want to teach people, she wants everyone to succeed and will invest her whole heart into the people she comes in contact with. We are so happy and proud to have Wendy leading our vacation rental team!

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