Why Cleaning the Floors is a Major Score

October 25th, 2010 | By Claudia Moreno

I use to dread cleaning the floors. Images of Cinderella came to mind, and thoughts of spending hours on my hands and knees did not sound pleasing.  As a parallel, one of the first things I learned with Moxie Girl was that a properly cleaned floors can make or break a living space. If you skimp on vacuuming or mopping, the room will always look sloppy and, quite frankly, sad. This left me questioning my own floors–I hadn’t vacuumed or mopped since moving in last August. What I found was alarming, to say the least–upon close observation, my carpet was covered with hair (my roommate at the time and I both have thick, long manes). Immediately grossed out, I borrowed a neighbor’s vacuum.

Most of my Moxie clients possess this space-age floor-cleaning contraption, something that looked as familiar as a space ship to me the first time I was expected to use it. From the detachable hose to the hundreds of buttons, I had no idea what I was doing. It took a good tutorial before I was confident enough to let myself lose with the appliance in another’s home. In all actuality, the vacuum itself is relatively easy to operate once you identify the various parts. Some benefits include the bag-less filter and breezily easy navigation. I don’t think I’m ever going back! Check Dyson out for yourself here.

My lesson of the week may seem overtly simple, but it’s a single-girl-in-the-city’s basic: cleaning the floor is a score. Never again will I go two months without a good vacuum, and never again will I question the importance of clean and shiny floors in the home of a client or friend–I’m starting the Clean Floors Movement. 🙂